Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 OST

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Catalog Number: AVCD-23947~50
Released On: November 11, 2009
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Takuya Yasuda, Go Shiina, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Kota Nakashima
Arranged By: BACK-ON
Published By: Avex Trax
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 4 CDs
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Disc One
01 - flyaway (Game O.P. edit)
02 - Radiant Mythology #2 (Title Main)
03 - Create a character (Character Make)
04 - Departure (Departure)
05 - The Story of the Descender
06 - GrandMa's Song' (Panere's Theme)
07 - Chat Hut (from Tales of Eternia)
08 - Van Eltia Theme (from Tales of Eternia)
09 - Kanonno #1 (Kanonno's Theme)
10 - Aifread Theme (from Tales of Eternia)
11 - THE Van Eltia (from Tales of Eternia)
12 - Crisis (Crisis Arrives)
13 - Amell Caves
14 - Refill -Relical Mode!- (from Tales of Symphonia)
15 - Zelos (from Tales of Symphonia)
16 - Happiness Time
17 - Perry Mines
18 - Impatience (Shiver and Anxiety)
19 - Raisin Volcano
20 - Kanonno #2 (Kanonno's Loneliness)
21 - Slime's Nest
22 - Theme of Mysterious (Suspicious)
23 - Goede #1 (Negativity Quickening)
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Garret Woods Area
02 - The scratch on ice (from Tales of Rebirth)
03 - Prison Gate Cave
04 - Uneasiness (A Stroke of Uneasiness)
05 - Niata Monad
06 - Kanonno #3 (Kanonno's Despair)
07 - Churos Undersea Ruins
08 - Sadness (Deep Sadness)
09 - Mandarge Underground City Ruins
10 - Coral Forest
11 - Moscoby Desert
12 - Mescal Mountains
13 - Barbatos (from Tales of Destiny2)
14 - Voyage (Voyage of Hope)
15 - Goede #2 (Surging Negativity)
16 - Negative Nest
17 - Little sad (Pain and Emptiness)
18 - Finale
19 - I'm a champion! (from Tales of Destiny)
20 - EX Dungeon
21 - Cave of the World Tree
22 - flyaway "Tales of" Remix
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Take Up The Cross (from Tales of Phantasia)
02 - Overcome Difficulties (from Tales of Phantasia)
03 - Fighting of the Spirit (from Tales of Phantasia)
04 - Bare its fangs (from Tales of Destiny)
05 - Lion -Irony of fate- (from Tales of Destiny)
06 - Inferia Battle (from Tales of Eternia)
07 - Celestia Battle (from Tales of Eternia)
08 - Eternal Mind (from Tales of Eternia)
09 - Ability Test (from Tales of Eternia)
10 - Time Battle (from Tales of Eternia)
11 - Theme of Battle (from Tales of Destiny2)
12 - The Dreadnought (from Tales of Destiny2)
13 - Timeline (from Tales of Destiny2)
14 - Coup de Grbce (from Tales of Destiny2)
15 - Wheel of Fortune (from Tales of Destiny2)
16 - Full force (from Tales of Symphonia)
17 - Like a glint of light (from Tales of Symphonia)
18 - Fatalize (from Tales of Symphonia)
19 - The end of a thought (from Tales of Symphonia)
20 - Beat the angel (from Tales of Symphonia)
21 - Battle organization (from Tales of Rebirth)
22 - Dogfight (from Tales of Rebirth)
23 - The die is cast (from Tales of Rebirth)
Total Time:

Disc Four
01 - Battle Artist (from Tales of Legendia)
02 - Seeking Victory (from Tales of Legendia)
03 - The arrow was shot (from Tales of the Abyss)
04 - Never surrender (from Tales of the Abyss)
05 - The edge of a decision (from Tales of the Abyss)
06 - Encounter (from Tales of the Tempest)
07 - Break Through with the Sword (from Tales of Innocence)
08 - Furnace of War (from Tales of Vesperia)
09 - Beginning of a battle
10 - Holy Crusade
11 - A Desperate Battle
12 - Heavy Destruction
13 - Goede -OverDose-
14 - into the battle
15 - Triumphant heroes
16 - Worth dying for
17 - Rondo of sadness
18 - Final damnation
19 - Fight for Justice
20 - Primal rages
21 - Middle boss
22 - Anger to sadness
23 - Deus ex Machina
24 - Radiant Battle
25 - battleend
26 - friendship
27 - questclear
28 - report
29 - storyquestclear
30 - success
31 - jobchange
32 - puzzlestart
33 - puzzleclear
Total Time:

Note: disc 3 track 14 "Coup de Grbce" is a typo on the packaging. One would assume it's meant to be Coup de Grace.

Oh boy, it's another Tales mash-up. And you know what that means! Another opportunity to rehash the music of Motoi Sakuraba et al.

To be fair, if you look at the tracklist, you can see that the amount of original music available is probably enough to fill two discs, maybe three discs. All of disc three is re-used stuff, and there are three or more borrowed tracks on each of the other discs. So it's still a surprising amount of original music, but there are themes from the other games as well.

But then, original or not, Tales music has never had a problem with quantity. They're always releasing four disc soundtracks for these games. The real question is the quality of the music. Is there anything on here really worth listening to? Or is it all "generic" town, dungeon, and battle themes for an RPG?

Yes, for the most part, I would say this is generic music. It meets the Tales standard, which isn't bad, but certainly isn't awe-inspiring either.

While I hate to admit it, I think disc three is my favorite. A bunch of battle themes from past Tales games? Sign me up! It gets tired if you listen to it for too long, but in 15 minute stretches, it's a great listen, especially while driving. Note that this collection of battle music carries over into the first few tracks of disc four, and then after that are the original battle tracks for Radiant Mythology 2. So I guess I really do enjoy discs 3 and 4. Discs 1 and 2, not so much.

If you go out on a limb and buy this soundtrack, don't expect to be floored. There are some neat tracks on here, yes; you might even find three or four that sound really great. But four disc soundtracks tend to be on the pricier side. Are you willing to commit that much for what looks to be only a tiny amount of excitement? It's a tough call, and I feel bad for anyone who's committed to being a "Tales collector." You have way too much to keep track of, my friend.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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