Twelve ~Sengoku Fuushinden~ OST
Catalog Number: GFCA-9
Released On: August 24, 2005
Composed By: Sumitaka Sekiguchi, H^L (1), Yuuko Asai (2)
Arranged By: Sumitaka Sekiguchi
Published By: Konami Multi-Media
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Fragments of You ~ Opening Theme
02 - dejavu ~ Ending Theme
03 - The Beginning of This Tale ~ Title Screen
04 - Yamato Talks ~ Narrator's Talking
05 - Wind Running to the Heavens ~ Yamato Map Screen
06 - Departure for the Front ~ Preparation for Battle
07 - Battle ~ Normal Battle-Map Screen
08 - Confrontation ~ Normal Battle-Action Screen
09 - Victory ~ Battle Victory
10 - Tension ~ In the Castle
11 - Masanaga Army ~ Masanaga Army Theme
12 - Crowded Street Corner ~ In a Town
13 - Moment ~ One Scene in Evening
14 - Life and Death ~ Medium Boss Battle-Map Screen
15 - Desperate Struggle ~ Medium Boss Battle-Action Screen
16 - Defeated ~ Battle Defeat
17 - Carefree Days ~ In a Village
18 - Night Forest ~ Cave
19 - Trial ~ Battle with Companions-Map Screen
20 - Friendly Chat ~ Talking with Companions
21 - To the Sky of Future ~ One Scene at Night
22 - Scar of Flame ~ Attack of Enemy Army
23 - Infiltration ~ Sneaking Into a Trading House
24 - Prayer of the Gods ~ Myth
25 - Time of Decision ~ Ceremony of Oogami Revival
26 - God's Vessel ~ Sacred Treasure Revival
27 - I, The Demon's Equal ~ Masanaga Battle-Map Screen
28 - Decisive Battle ~ Masanaga Battle-Action Screen
29 - Oogami Advent ~ Oogami Battle-Map Screen
30 - Power of God ~ Oogami Battle-Action Screen
31 - Fragments of You (Arrange Ver.) ~ Oogami Seal
32 - The End of This Tale ~ Ending
Bonus Track
33 - Moment ~ Original Arrange
34 - Although I Love You ~ Original Arrange
Total Time:

Twelve ~Sengoku Fuushinden~ (Legendary War of the Sealed God) was released on the PSP from Konami in 2005. It's definitely on of their games that fell beneath the radar, and it had no chance of being released in the US.

But, it's an RPG, and it's got music, and Konami's behind it (with support from TWO FIVE). How can you pass that up? Well, we did pass it up for over a year, but it's time to look into another soundtrack that "got away from us" at the time of its release.

It took me three listens through the soundtrack to decide that the game's standard BGM wasn't anything special; as a Strategy RPG, the music was written in a style similar to Konami's past efforts in the genre (such as Vandal Hearts). The intensity of the music reflects the small-scale military skirmishes that take place in common Tactical RPG scenarios. I was impressed with the sound quality, considering the game is a PSP release, but the compositions aren't anything to get excited about. Well, a few songs were really pretty, and I sampled some of them (such as the ending music).

Even though the majority of the BGM wasn't exciting, there is something that kept me listening to this soundtrack many times over: the vocals. Performed by Saori Goto, these songs are strangely addictive. The opening theme "Fragments of You" (in Japanese, "Kimi no Kakera") is a mid-tempo pop song, but the melody is very catchy. Goto's voice keeps the song alive, and I was especially impressed by the song's chorus. Even better is the ending theme, "dejavu," where Goto takes the "breathy" approach to singing to create one of the best vocals I've heard from Konami in a long time.

Ms. Goto has two other songs tacked on as bonus tracks, and while I found these songs to be somewhat inferior to the opening and ending, they also demonstrate her unique talents.

Is it worth paying retail price for just the vocal tracks? Probably not. These were the songs that I found most worthwhile, but I would have been just as happy seeing them on a single. Then again, I also despise having to pick up a single separately from the OST, so we can be happy to see full versions of these songs included with the game's OST. If you're a fan of Konami, particularly their smaller projects (in corrolation, this time, with TWO FIVE), picking up an album like this is actually a nice way to show your support. Plus, it's an album that very few people have heard, because very few people even knew about the game at the time of its release. If you're feeling adventurous, check it out.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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