Very Best of Ys
Catalog Number: KICA-1220
Released On: November 27, 1998
Composed By: Ryo Yonemitsu, Michio Fujisawa, Kentaroh Haneda, Hiroshi Shinkawa, Tomohiko Kishimoto, Junichi Kanezaki, Hiroyuki Nanba
Arranged By: Ryo Yonemitsu, Michio Fujisawa, Kentaroh Haneda, Hiroshi Shinkawa, Tomohiko Kishimoto, Junichi Kanezaki, Hiroyuki Nanba
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - First Step Towards Wars
02 - Palace of Destruction
03 - PrePrimer (Palace)
04 - Tower of the Shadow of Death
05 - The Last Moment of the Dark
06 - Endless History
07 - To Make the End of Battle
08 - Lilia (English Version)
09 - Palace of Salmon
10 - Companile of Lane
11 - Termination
12 - Lilia
13 - Victory!!
Total Time:

Here's an important piece of information regarding me and the Ys series of games: I've never played any of them. In fact, I never even noticed the series at all until I read reviews of some of the games in the series across the internet, and here at RPGFan. The first thing I noticed most of all in the reviews though, is that the audio is red book, i.e. the music is directly read off the CD, so you can basically play the music in any CD player (exception goes to the cartridge-based Ys games). After reading much about the series, I decided to snag this CD to get a taste of what Ys has to offer. Much to my surprise, what I've heard so far is some of the best music I've ever listened to. Ranging from upbeat guitar rock, to beautifully ochestrated piano themes, along with a few vocal songs, I was impressed, especially considering the fact that this music comes from a series made in the late 80's, early 90's, when most of us had our faces glued to the blips and bleeps of the music on the Genesis and SNES. Sound Team JDK, the group that performs all of the songs, performs some of the best electric guitar sounds in videogame music history.

This CD is extremely easy to find in various online game music stores. I highly recommend you make a point to get this soundtrack.

Revised on 1/25/01

Reviewed by: Jason Walton


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