Vermilion vs Rent a Hero OST

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Catalog Number: WM-0617/8
Released On: February 25, 2009
Composed By: Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi, Yasuhiro Takagi
Arranged By: Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi, Koichi Namiki
Published By: Wave Master
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One: Vermilion
01 - Sword of Vermilion -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
02 - Title
03 - Name Entry
04 - Opening
05 - Statts
06 - Shop (Village)
07 - Rest
08 - Church
09 - 3D Mode
10 - Enemy Appear
11 - Battle
12 - Set Flag
13 - Jiji Theme
14 - Erias
15 - Shop (City)
16 - Castle
17 - Dungeon
18 - Boss A
19 - Level Up
20 - Village A
21 - Light Song
22 - Dungeon 2
23 - Fuyodol
24 - Player Dead
25 - Last City
26 - Boss B
27 - Ending 2
28 - Ending (Staff Roll)
29 - Light Song -[H.] Arrange Ver.-
Total Time:

Disc Two: Rent a Hero
01 - Can You Become Rent-a-Hero for Mankind's Sake? (Fighters Megamix Version)
02 - Only a Drama....
03 - Fight Rent-a-Hero!!
04 - Red Light Dinner Party
05 - The End of Winter, The Vernal Equinox, The Good Feeling
06 - Town Music 2
08 - Town Music 1
09 - Surprise, Shock Cave Exploration
10 - It's Just That OIRA is ZAKOKYARA!
11 - I Wonder if We Will Go to the Hospital
12 - Town Music 3
13 - Tonight I Feel like Dancing
14 - Good Night & It's Morning Rent-a-Hero
15 - Doctor Hentai's Sorrow
16 - Incident! Rent-a-Hero
17 - Everyone, Thank You!
18 - Descendant of Rent-a-Hero
19 - Magical Sound Shower (from Outrun)
20 - BGM A (from G-LOC)
21 - After Burner (from After Burner)
22 - Main Theme (from Space Harrier)
23 - Like the Wind (from Power Drift)
24 - Rush a Difficulty (from Turbo Outrun)
25 - Time Attack (from GP Rider)
26 - Can You Become Rent-a-Hero for Mankind's Sake? (Dreamcast Version)
27 - Descendant of Rent-a-Hero (Dreamcast Version)
28 - Can You Become Rent-a-Hero for Mankind's Sake? (Karaoke)
Total Time:

Under the Wave Master label, Sega released another retro soundtrack grouping very recently. They've been on a roll recently, with products like the Phantasy Star 1st Series hitting the soundtrack market. This release pairs up two games from the same sound staff. Hiroshi "hiro" Kawaguchi composed the music for the games "Sword of Vermilion" and "Rent a Hero," with Yasuhiro Takagi having helped with Sword of Vermilion.

The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) RPG, Sword of Vermilion, is not the most memorable of games. But the game's soundtrack? It's fairly strong, particularly for its ability to properly wield the often-irritating Mega Drive synth. But before we even get to the synth, the producers of this album decided to open it with a bang. Koichi "Mickey" Namiki put together a seven minute medley track in the same vein as your typical early 1990s Falcom arrangement might sound. The guitar tracks (rhythm and lead) sound awesome, the drum performance is heavy, the slower parts of the medley are super chill, and when given the chance to shine, the keyboard is awesome as well. This is a fantastic arranged medley; anyone who has fond memories of the game will absolutely adore this arrangement.

The OST proper (tracks 2 through 28) has some great music. Though, it is not without its pitfalls. An attempted organ piece, "Church" (track 8), sounds absolutely awful. The composition itself isn't that great, but the distortion inherent in the Sega Genesis sound chip makes the song that much worse. It's like fungus and excrement was stuck in the organ's pipes.

But for every "stinker" on this OST, there are at least three fun, bouncy, catchy tunes from Kawaguchi and Takagi. My favorite tracks include the Opening theme, boss battle themes, "Last City," and "Erias."

There's a second arranged track at the end of the disc: it's a cheesy parade/march tune, and despite having a lot of live performers (including vocalists), I couldn't even convince myself to become interested in the piece.

I'll give some quick impressions to the Rent a Hero OST. Rent a Hero was an obscure, Japan-only Action RPG release on the Mega Drive (it had a Dreamcast follow-up as well). Frankly, I knew nothing of the game before getting this soundtrack. But the music? Well, it's silly! Most of it struck me as bland, but it has its good musical moments. Also, composer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi lends his voice to a few of the tracks on here. That was a nice surprise. The bonus tracks from the Dreamcast version were a nice bonus as well.

Hiroshi Kawaguchi's music over his long tenure with Sega has had its ups and downs. As for the Sword of Vermilion OST, I'd say it's one of his better soundtracks for the Mega Drive. And, indeed, it is one of the better Mega Drive RPG soundtracks, considering how difficult it is to make good music on that console (you can call me biased, but I consider this more fact than opinion: SNES vs Sega audio, SNES wins hands-down). If you want the Sword of Vermilion OST, this is the only way to get it. So hopefully you can enjoy Rent a Hero as well, because it's coming along for the ride!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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