Valkyrie Profile -Lenneth- OST
Catalog Number: KDSD-00088/9
Released On: March 1, 2006
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Epic Tale of a Holy Death
02 - Take a Flight
03 - To a World Becoming Impure
04 - Valhalla
05 - Requiem of a Predicament
06 - Night to the Twilight of Everything
07 - Prosperity's Compensation and Then Introduction
08 - Between the Water, Wind, and Light
09 - On the Road to Prosperity and Glory
10 - Time When a Man is no Longer a Man
11 - Before Long, Call on the Yin and Yang
12 - Emotional Upset
13 - Turn Over a New Leaf
14 - The 'Unfinished Battle With God' Syndrome
15 - The Key to Lauded Victories
16 - Sky Gate
17 - False Self-Knowledge
18 - At the Bottom of Hell is Distortion
19 - Confidence in the Domination
20 - Artifact
21 - Condemned Thoughts
22 - Fantasy Left From Ancient Eternity
23 - Grieving ~ Eternal Hydrogen
24 - By All Means, Drama With Bad Taste
25 - Spray
26 - Until You See the Gathering Darkness in the Nightmare
27 - Hopeless Resolution
28 - Outline of the Demon Descent Chain
29 - Oblivious to Joy
30 - That Guy's Name is Fear
31 - Constructor, Shine
32 - Originating From Chaos
33 - An Illusion of the Brainstem
34 - Hard Chain Reaction
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - One Line of Dark, One Line of Light
02 - Hurried Decay of the Life Force
03 - And Then to the End of the Spiral
04 - Rise Above the World
05 - Massacre Speech Eternal Machine
06 - Dropping to the Negative Not by Choice
07 - Circulate on a Windup Doll
08 - False Reflection in the Eye
09 - An Inscription on a Tombstone
10 - Spirit Awakening to Eternity
11 - Unstable Equilibrium
12 - Chronic Trembling Category
13 - At the Faces Evil, at the Rear, a Saint
14 - To the Last Drop of my Blood
15 - The Joke of Truth
16 - To the Other Side of the Earth
17 - A Heart Becoming Empty
18 - A Tense Atmosphere
19 - A Clash of Personalities
20 - Lily-of-the-Valley
21 - Tomorrow
22 - Crumbling Id
23 - Light Mist
24 - Behave Irrationally
25 - Fragments of the Heart
26 - The First Unison
27 - Systematic Enemy
28 - Dreamscar
29 - Break Down
30 - The Neverending Cycle of Reincarnation
31 - Turn Over a New Leaf (Rhythm Version)
32 - The True Nature of All
33 - Like Becoming Accustomed to Happiness
34 - Reality and Imagination's Coexistence
35 - Mission to the Deep Space
36 - Beast of Prey
37 - Shiver
38 - The Climax of the Tower
39 - The Incarnation of the Devil
40 - Mighty Blow
41 - Nostalgia Into Hope
Total Time:

When Square Enix decided to port the original Valkyrie Profile to the PSP, add some cutscenes, and call it "Valkyrie Profile Lenneth," Team Entertainment did their part by reprinting all the music from the title, adding new cover art (from the new CG cutscenes), and adding "Lenneth" to the name.

It has been said that all of the sound from the original version has been remastered for the PSP release. I myself have been able to detect a slight difference between the old OST and this one, but nothing significant stands out to me.

It is unfortunate, but it must be said that nothing new has been added. There are no bonus tracks, no special music for the new cutscenes, nothing of the sort. It's the same OST through and through, now with upgraded sound...apparently.

The good news is that, like the game before it, this soundtrack's original print (from First Smile Entertainment) had become quite a rarity. The other good news is that, even if you find yourself sick of Sakuraba's repetitive compositions, Valkyrie Profile features some of the man's most awesome work. I personally prefer Star Ocean: The Second Story to anything else he's done, but Valkyrie Profile comes in at a very close second for me. So, go ahead and buy it, before it becomes hard to find again.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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