A Witch's Tale ~The Apprentice Witch and the Seven Princesses~ OST

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Catalog Number: DDCZ-1615
Released On: June 3, 2009
Composed By: Sara Sakurai
Arranged By: Satoshi Okubo, CHAMY. Ishi
Published By: BounDEE
Recorded At: T's Music Studio
Format: 1 CD
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01 - A Witch's Tale
02 - Once Upon a Time
03 - Liddell's Theme
04 - Grandmother Grave's Theme
05 - Lou's Theme
06 - The Gate's Chamber
07 - Cookie Waltz
08 - Crystals of Sorrow
09 - The Howling of the Wind Under the Moon
10 - Heartbeat of the Riverbed
11 - Dance of the Mayflies
12 - Mechanical Memories
13 - Battle of the Apprentice Witches
14 - Victory in Battle
15 - Alice's Manservant
16 - Searching the Dark
17 - Get Serious!
18 - Six Princesses
19 - Millennial Sorrow
20 - Invitation to Slumber
21 - The Queen of Wonderland
22 - Release of the Curse
23 - Despair's Melody
24 - An Invitation from the Darkness ~ The Margin Between Dream and Reality (Game Version)
25 - Reunion in the Graveyard
26 - Other Side of the Dream
27 - Dozy Promise
28 - Dance of Demise (Finale)
29 - Moonlight
30 - The Jabberwock's Theme
31 - Dance of the Cards
32 - Oni-no-Kuchi Lullaby
33 - Level Up
34 - Game Over
35 - Trumpet of Blessings
36 - The Margin Between Dream and Reality (CD Version)
Total Time:

[back cover]
Below the paper slipcase is some nearly-identical packaging for the front and back CD cover.

A Witch's Tale is a turn-based DS RPG from Hitmaker and NIS. This charming, if flawed, RPG looks and sounds like a Halloween episode of any given cartoon. The music certainly complements the game's vibe, but listening to this soundtrack outside the context of the game feels like having eaten too much candy corn after a long night of trick-or-treating. Not so good.

The layered compositions were not at all subtle about being over-the-top cartoony Halloween songs full of whimsy. Some songs even had funny named like "Cookie Waltz." However, despite the cute efforts, the compositions sounded predictable with nothing overly complex to be heard and no new discoveries hidden in subsequent listens. In addition, the pieces generally tended to be slow in tempo, and though I enjoy downtempo music, such as Massive Attack and Mazzy Star, I ultimately found the soundtrack rather boring. Even the vocalist in the vocal themes sounded like she was completely bored. The most exciting song on the soundtrack was "Get Serious" with its distorted guitar and driving beat. That was the one piece that actually gave me a jolt during this rather one-dimensional soundtrack.

I wish I could say more about the soundtrack, but it's like describing the flavor of candy corn. It's kinda sweet, but that's about it. Candy corn has no complexity and eating more than a handful of it feels and tastes kinda icky. It's no surprise that it's often named the least desirable Halloween candy. The music to A Witch's Tale is akin to a trick-or-treat bag containing only candy corn, and part of the fun of Halloween is the variety of candy to obtain. The soundtrack lacked this. The songs on this soundtrack all started sounding the same to me after a while, using the same kinds of cartoony instrumentation and the same keys and note progressions in the compositions. If, out of 36 tracks, I could only find one track worthy of listening to for a second time, that is not a good sign.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran


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