BUSIN ~Wizardry Alternative~ OST

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Catalog Number: KICA-1251
Released On: November 29, 2001
Composed By: Tomohiko Sato, Isao Kasai, Kenji Tani, Makoto Suehiro
Arranged By: Tomohiko Sato
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - World of darkness
02 - Love is played
03 - Lonely with loneliness
04 - Monotonous
05 - Pray
06 - Bar
08 - Virtue of modesty
09 - Where are you gone?
10 - Open the door
11 - No control
12 - Distortion
13 - Tense moment
14 - Ominous calm
15 - Vastness of space
16 - Dead end
17 - The beast
18 - Karma
19 - Plaintive melody
20 - Destiny
21 - Light and shadow
22 - Dandy Orc Blues
23 - Reminiscence
24 - Oppressive feeling
25 - Fairy tales of Pipin
26 - Uncanny
27 - Talk about it
28 - Hi, Eric
29 - Theme of Vergo
30 - Evil force
31 - Confrontation
32 - Ruin
33 - Wandering spirit
34 - Smile again
Total Time:

A word of caution: this ain't the Wizardry of yester-year. BUSIN's soundtrack is totally different from all previous Wizardry scores. Not better, not worse, but certainly different. Okay, well ... maybe a little worse.

Instead of the usual neo-romantic orchestra pieces we're used to, this Wizardry title uses sequenced, synthesized instruments and loops to create music. The genres of modern music are all here: pop, rock, jazz, "easy listening." It's all here, but in forms of synth that don't stand up to their PS2 peers. That's right, Wizardry Alternative was released as "Wizardry ~ Tale of the Forsaken Land" in the US, and it was a PS2 title. Compare this music to, say, FFX, and you see where the problem lies. The audio quality just isn't high enough.

But there are some hip songs. "The beast" sounds like an old, grungy battle theme from the glory days of Falcom. And the ending theme, "Smile again," has some decent vocal work, though its soft and gleeful melody betrays the album's cover art. The same could be said for most of the album, though. I don't listen to this album and think of creepy skulls.

Ultimately, this is one of the weakeast albums in the Wizardry discography. However, if you compare it to all VGM, and not just the Wizardry series, you could at least declare this album "above average" without taking much criticism. So that's exactly what I'll do. The album is pretty good, and if you like to hear contemporary forms of music in your OSTs, this is one place to check it out.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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