BUSIN 0 ~Wizardry Alternative NEO~ OST
Catalog Number: KDSD-00027
Released On: February 18, 2004
Composed By: Tomohiko Sato, Isao Kasai, Kenji Tani, Makoto Suehiro
Arranged By: Tomohiko Sato
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Memory Tech
Format: 1 CD
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01 - throb of excitement
02 - Prologue
03 - A beginning of the Story
04 - Nostalgia
05 - personal dignity
06 - Feel at Easy
07 - opportunity
08 - Lounge Bossa
09 - The Sorrow Palace
10 - Daydreamin'
11 - sad memory
12 - Deeper
13 - Deep Spiral
14 - unipersonal
15 - curse of Cain
16 - Cloudy Misfortune
17 - a rumor in town
18 - collapse
19 - Memoria
20 - Sweet Pain
21 - dubious
22 - Mysterious Magic
23 - Relaxation of a fairy
24 - Aquarius
25 - affection
26 - luxury
27 - Theme of Ma•Mo•No!!?
28 - Courage
29 - stout attack
30 - Dark Battle
31 - A quirk of Fate
32 - A Longtime In Nightmare
33 - Nemesis
34 - Dancing Mad
35 - Nemesis Final
36 - distant memory
37 - Last letter...
38 - Nocturne No.0 moonlight-classics
Total Time:

BUSIN 0 continues in the musical tradition of BUSIN, in that it sounds nothing like the classical works of Ikuro Fujiwara or Kentaro Haneda. It's a new breed of Wizardry, truly an "Alternative" style.

Like BUSIN, BUSIN 0 goes the route of synth. But there is no pretense this time. They're not even trying to emulate real-life instruments in a number of songs. This soundtrack borders on techno-pop, occasionally using "computerized" sounds coming from many tracks, giving you the impression that the composers were glad to bring a new sound to the series.

The few notable exceptions to the rule are the piano solo pieces. The last two tracks, in particular, stand out as excellent performances. "Nocturne No.0" uses a simple chord progression; it sounds much like a more popular piece written a year prior (the opening for FFX-2). After the chord progression fades, a fast, bombastic, Chopin-esque arpeggiation is let loose, and it sounds wonderful.

I was also pleased with the simple, ambient/dance tracks found in the middle of the album. Tracks 10, 14, and 19 all stood out to me as good examples of what the composers were aiming for. Be sure to check them out.

Alright, there are some tracks that use synth to emulate real instruments. And they do their job. But it's still nothing compared to older Wizardry albums, so they are hard to appreciate if you know the series' musical history well enough.

Kudos to Team Entertainment for printing this album. It's a step above the previous BUSIN CD (from King Records), and it shows the composers from Racjin getting better at their trade: atmospheric music.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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