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All Sounds of Xak: The Art of Visual Stage

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Catalog Number: H24X-10003
Released On: May 25, 1989
Composed By: Ryuji Sasai, Tadahiro Nitta
Arranged By: Ryuji Sasai, Tadahiro Nitta
Published By: DataM/Polystar
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Xak (Opening)
02 - The Town of Fearless
03 - Church
04 - Messenger
05 - Shop
06 - Sadness
07 - Peacefulness
08 - Smile 1
09 - Smile 2
10 - Uneasy
11 - To a Town
12 - Battle Field
13 - Green Earth
14 - Evil Tree
15 - The Way to a Fort
16 - Fort
17 - Water Dragon
18 - The Town of Normana
19 - The Blue Sea
20 - Cave
21 - Rock Biter
22 - Fire Elemental & Water Elemental
23 - Union Elemental
24 - Ending 1
25 - Eye Catch
26 - The Town of Nemunu
27 - The Tower Under the Ground
28 - Necromancer
29 - Land of Flames
30 - Fortress of Flame
31 - Land of Flames, The Sky
32 - Salamander
33 - To a Sanctuary
34 - Land of Seal
35 - Badu's Wonder
36 - Victory
37 - Ending 2
38 - Message
39 - Level up
40 - GET Item
41 - Game Over
42 - Game Over 2
Total Time:

Xak is one of those oldschool MSX RPGs that Americans would never get to play. But many Americans have heard the work of composer Ryuji Sasai from Squaresoft's SaGa (Final Fantasy Legend) 3 and Final Fantasy USA (Mystic Quest).

The type of synths and chiptunes used for the game's score are, in and of themselves, an acquired taste. But if you already enjoy music from these older consoles, know that you'll find that sound quality mixed with Sasai's unique brand of very catchy melodic work.

I would rank this particular soundtrack (for the first of the three "Xak" titles) alongside some of the early works of Falcom: not their arrangements, but the source/OST material of games like Sorcerian. For reference, check out the audio samples, particularly for track 14. I think you'll see (hear?) what I'm getting at with a few listens.

This CD is long out of print and quite rare, but there is a comparable digital release from EGG Music that one can purchase, digitally for, an extremely reasonable price. Just something to consider!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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