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Xak III: The eternal recurrence OGS
Catalog Number: DPCX-5007
Released On: June 25, 1993
Composed By: Yukiharu Urita
Arranged By: Yoshiharu Kabuto, Kohichi Ohta
Published By: DataM/Polystar
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Dawn before (OPENING)
02 - Main theme from Xak III (Title)
03 - Fairless (Town of Fairless)
04 - Blood bath (Farrand Castle Event)
05 - Tensions (Webis Army Garrison)
06 - Assault on (Assault Scene)
07 - The voice of Moon (Farrand Castle BGM)
08 - Silent for the insanity (Boss Battle type-A)
09 - Stillness of the nights (Town A)
10 - Gahoo the warlock (Ginganoor Mountain Range)
11 - Escape from the tower (Tower of Gahoo BGM)
12 - The entrance to the nightmare (Before the Boss)
13 - Evil eyes (Boss Battle type-B)
14 - Lucifer the black (Yaksa Knight Theme)
15 - Premonitions (Gallois Coast BGM)
16 - Great wings (Sailing)
17 - From this town (Town B)
18 - Forgotten myth (Horn BGM)
19 - Tera incognita (Dark Continent BGM)
20 - Over lord (Theme of Zome Dizae)
21 - Oracle of trinity (Fairy World)
22 - In the ultimathule (Fairy World BGM)
23 - Mael strome (Maelstrom)
24 - Xexis (Xexis)
25 - How many tears (Epilogue 1)
26 - The eternal recurrence (Epilogue 2)
27 - Closing credits (Credit)
CM-64 MIDI Arranged Version
28 - Fairless (Town of Fairless)
29 - Lucifer the black (Yaksa Knight Theme)
30 - From this town (Town B)
31 - Tera incognita (Dark Continent BGM)
32 - Oracle of trinity (Fairy World)
33 - Xexis (Xexis)
34 - How many tears (Epilogue 1)
35 - Main theme from Xak III (Title)
36 - Blood bath (Farrand Castle Event)
37 - Assault on (Assault Scene)
38 - The voice of Moon (Farrand Castle BGM)
Full Arranged Version
39 - Great wings (Sailing)
40 - The eternal recurrence (Epilogue 2)
Total Time:

Alright, so here's my take on the soundtrack for Xak III: it is the best of the three, despite the noticeable lack of Ryuji Sasai. There are awesome arrange tracks at the end of the disc.

The CD's packaging sports some cool artwork. The game was released on Microsoft's "MSX2" console in 1993 in Japan, and then brought to the PC Engine (TurboGrafx) in 1994. The game never came to America, but after listening to this soundtrack a few times, I have to say I'm intrigued. I love a good obscure RPG as much as I love a good obscure soundtrack for an RPG. The soundtrack, much like the first Xak, is comparable to the music of Falcom, though I think the "Music From" discs that Falcom released in '93 and '94 (most notably, in the Legend of Heroes series) don't hold a candle to this particular disc. The quality of the MSX2 synth is surprisingly high, similar to Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) but with a clearer tone.

I know I already said it once, but I have to say it again: the arrange tracks alone make the album worth buying. Check out track 31, the arranged version of "Tera incognita." That's a strong synth arrange right there, on par with some of my favorite pre-Meguro Shin Megami Tensei music.

The CD is long out of print and quite rare. If you're a collector and thinking about going out and spending the big bucks on something from the Xak series, this is probably the most worthwhile of the three albums to get given current circumstances (that is, as of the date of this review). The other two soundtracks can be procured through EGG MUSIC (digitally), but this one cannot. At least, not a version that has the arranged tracks at any rate.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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