X Edge OST

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Catalog Number: KDSD-10032/3
Released On: September 24, 2008
Composed By: Kenji Kaneko, Daisuke Achiwa (1-01, 2-28~29)
Arranged By: Kenji Kaneko, Daisuke Achiwa (1-01, 2-28~29)
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: D-Sound
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Blade of Tears (Full Chorus)
02 - The X Edge
03 - Conditioned Refresh
04 - The Grand Disign
05 - Flap the Wings
06 - Feel My Soul
07 - 1st Level~Fantasy
08 - 2nd Level~Imperial
09 - 3rd Level~Mythology
10 - 4th Level~Desolation
11 - 5th Level~Abyss
12 - Cataclysm And Oracle
13 - In Mood
14 - A Lucky Dog
15 - Sailing Hour
16 - Awakening of the Self
17 - Level Up
18 - Impossible to Control
19 - Refuse
20 - Not Over...
21 - Bring It To Me
22 - Evening Sun
23 - Reign of Fire
24 - A Rich Harvest
25 - Blood on the Street
26 - Breeze of Time
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Gate of X Edge
02 - Desert Rain
03 - Dengerous Game
04 - To Your Healing
05 - Enter the Confusion
06 - 1st Dungeon~Fantasy
07 - 2nd Dungeon~Imperial
08 - 3rd Dungeon~Mythology
09 - 4th Dungeon~Desolation
10 - 5th Dungeon~Abyss
11 - Revolutionary Evolution
12 - Feel the Breeze
13 - Arrival
14 - Flora And Fauna
15 - Switch On...
16 - Dance of Teal
17 - Edge Memories
18 - A Burning Omission
19 - Game Over
20 - Base
21 - Eye of the World
22 - Get It
23 - Wall of Crisis
24 - Synthesizing...
25 - Grand Attack
26 - A Fools
27 - Faith
~Bonus Tracks~
28 - Blade of Tears (1 Chorus)
29 - Blade of Tears (Off Vocal)
Total Time:

X Edge (pronounced "Cross Edge") is like a cartoon crossover, but with games (and their respective developers). Disgaea (NIS), Ar Tonelico and Mana Khemia (Gust), Darkstalkers (Capcom), and the Spectral series (Idea Factory) all join together in an adventure led by two original characters: the hero Yuuto and heroine Mikoto. We've seen this sort of thing before: Monolith did it with "Namco x Capcom," and Idea Factory / Compile Heart (the people responsible for X Edge) did it with "Chaos Wars" a few years prior. But here comes the interesting part; unlike the aforementioned titles, X Edge doesn't borrow character themes or any other music from those other games/franchises. It's a completely original score, written by Idea Factory's lead composer, Kenji Kaneko.

Well, it's mostly Kaneko. Gust composer Daisuke Achiwa and vocalist Haruka Shimotsuki worked together on the vocal theme "Blade of Tears," which bookends the two disc soundtrack. So let's start the review by getting this song out of the way. Frankly, I don't like it. Shimotsuki is capable of much better music, and Achiwa has written far more interesting melodies in past works. This song is like the opening to Grand Fantasm (Schwarzweiss), but even more bland and straightforward of a J-rock piece. Listen for yourself...it's not a great vocal by most standards.

But Kaneko? He did a great job. This album is on par with his last major release, Agarest Senki. The battle themes on this album are very strong. On disc one, tracks 4, 12, and 25 are all excellent battle themes. Guitar takes center stage, but the music is not at all simple. These songs are very "busy," with lots of instruments (both real and synthesized) being incorporated to keep your ears and mind bouncing to and from the melody. If it were to be expressed visually, I would imagine a fast-paced 2D shoot-em-up with lots of flashing lights, lasers, and the occasional change of perspective. Yes, that distinct visual did appear in my mind as I listened to these battle themes. Call me crazy, but maybe this soundtrack would do just as well in the "shmup" genre as it does with this RPG.

The other tracks on the album, be they event, character, or environment themes, have a strong techno/synth-pop influence. If you're unfamiliar with Kaneko's work, it's important to recognize that Kaneko wasn't always good at composing these sort of songs. But he's definitely getting better. At this point, with this soundtrack, I am reminded of Shinji Hosoe's work, but this soundtrack is more traditionally tonal and melodic than many of Hosoe's works. Kaneko continues to impress me, and though I would have liked to see some songs from the other games make it on to this soundtrack, I am happy to see Kaneko contribute so much to this PS3 title.

My biggest complaint against this album, as a matter of fact, is the horrid Engrish tracklist. Typos abound. Just take a look at the back cover, or glance at our tracklist here, which accurately reproduces what Team Entertainment printed on the back of the page. "disign" and "dengerous" are some good examples of typos, and then "To Your Healing" is a good example of failed translation (it should probably be rendered "To Your Health").

The X Edge OST is given moderately high recommendations from this reviewer. Listen to the samples, and if you like it, support Team Entertainment and these "small-time" VGM comopsers by picking up the album.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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