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Ys -The Oath in Felghana- Perfect Collection

(back cover)
Catalog Number: NW10102650-1~3
Released On: September 23, 2005
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Yukihiro Jindo, Masahi "Jill" Okagaki
Published By: Falcom
Recorded At: PRESSTONE and Office PANZ/EL MUNDO Studio
Format: 3 CDs

Disc One
OST Disc One
01 - A Premonition = Styx =
02 - The Oath in Felghana ~ A Premonition = Styx =
03 - Trading Village of Redmont
04 - Quiet Moments
05 - Welcome!!
06 - Prelude to the Adventure
07 - The Boy's Got Wings
08 - Be Careful
09 - Dark Beasts as Black as the Night
10 - Illburns Ruins
11 - The Theme of Chester
12 - A Searing Struggle
13 - Snare of Darkness
14 - Shock of the Grim Reaper
15 - Once Upon a Dream
16 - Steeling the Will to Fight
17 - Dear My Brother
18 - Tearful Twilight
Total Time:

Disc Two
OST Disc Two
01 - Introduction!!
02 - Valestein Castle
03 - Prayer for Kindness
04 - Sealed Time
05 - Chop!!
06 - Darling Elena
07 - Believe in My Heart
08 - Pulsing Toward Ruin
09 - Tower of Fate
10 - Behold!!
11 - The Strongest Foe
12 - Farewell ~ Dear My Brother ~
13 - Departure at Sunrise
14 - Wanderers from Ys
15 - Key of Light
Bonus Track
16 - Dancing on the Road
Total Time:

Disc Three
Super Arrange Version
01 - Prelude ~ Prelude to the Adventure ~ Trading Village of Redmont
02 - A Premonition ~ I Suddenly Recall
03 - The Boy Has Wings ~ Ohirome Version ~
04 - A Searing Struggle
05 - Prayer for Kindness
06 - A Premonition = Styx =
07 - Dear My Brother
08 - Valestein Castle ~ Demo Version ~
09 - Sealed Time
10 - A Page from my Memory
Total Time:

The Perfect Collection contains the two-disc OST and the Super Arrange Version.

As we do have separate reviews for the OST and Super Arrange Version, this entry exists for purely informative purposes.

Along with being able to purchase the OST and Super Arrange Version separately, Falcom also offered a "package deal" with a cover slipcase, hence creating the "Perfect Collection." Many fans of the game and music would argue, however, that the OST alone is all one needs for "perfection", as the Super Arrange Version is definitely subpar, a disappointment and even an embarrassment to the Falcom name.

Finding these two soundtracks packaged together as the "Perfect Collection" will probably become more and more difficult as time passes, so if you're truly interested in picking up this complete set, do it ASAP. As for me, I'm satisfied with the OST.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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