The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Sound Selection
Catalog Number: NTDT-17292~3
Released On: November 2014
Composed By: Ryo Nagamatsu, Koji Kondo, Akito Nakatsuka
Arranged By: Ryo Nagamatsu
Published By: Nintendo
Recorded at: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - The Adventure Begins
02 - A Kingdom's Legend
03 - Title Screen
04 - Selection Screen
05 - Nightmare
06 - Hyrule at Peace
07 - Seres' Screams
08 - Cavern Theme (Going Underground)
09 - The Ruined Room
10 - The Ruined Room (Battle Theme)
11 - At the Sanctuary
12 - Drama in the Sanctuary
13 - Ravio's Theme
14 - Ravio's Shop
15 - Kakariko Village
16 - An Anxious Sahasrahla
17 - Hyrule Castle at Peace
18 - Meeting Princess Zelda
19 - A Great Calling
20 - The Three Dungeons of Hyrule
21 - The Bosses of Hyrule
22 - Beating the Boss
23 - Venturing Indoors
24 - Hyrule Hotfoot
25 - Rupee Rush
26 - Mother Maiamai's Theme
27 - Mother Maiamai's Fanfare
28 - At the Milk Bar
29 - Irene, the Apprentice Witch
30 - Sorcery
31 - Fortune Teller
32 - Yuga's Theme
33 - Facing Yuga in the Eastern Palace
34 - A Painting of Link
35 - Hyrule Castle Sealed
36 - Zora Trouble
37 - Restoring Queen Oren
38 - The Lost Woods
39 - Deeper into the Lost Woods
40 - Master Sword Fanfare
41 - Hyrule Theme 2
42 - Hyrule Castle Battle Theme
43 - A Painting of Princess Zelda
44 - Between Worlds
45 - Facing Yuga in Hyrule Castle
46 - Yuga Gloats
47 - Enter Ganon
48 - Princess Hilda Appears
49 - StreetPass Battle Theme
50 - Solving a Puzzle
51 - Game Over
52 - Mini Item Fanfare
53 - Item Fanfare
54 - Hyrule Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
55 - Selection Screen (Milk Bar Musicians)
56 - Zelda's Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
57 - Ravio's Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
58 - Kakariko Village (Milk Bar Musicians)
59 - Hyrule Castle (Milk Bar Musicians)
60 - Facing Yuga in Hyrule Castle (Milk Bar Musicians)
61 - Hilda's Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
62 - Mini Item Fanfare (Milk Bar Musicians)
63 - Item Fanfare (Milk Bar Musicians
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Lorule Theme
02 - Scaling Death Mountain
03 - Octoball Derby
04 - Octoball Derby Results
05 - Treacherous Tower
06 - Treacherous Tower Regular Results
07 - Treacherous Tower Complete Results
08 - Thieves' Hideout
09 - Don't Leave Me Here!
10 - In the Desert Palace
11 - Swamp Palace
12 - Ice Ruins
13 - A Trip to Turtle Rock
14 - Skull Woods
15 - Sneaking into the Dark Palace
16 - The Dark Palace
17 - The Bosses of Lorule
18 - Zelda's Charm Fanfare
19 - Song of the Sages
20 - Completing the Triforce
21 - Triforce Fanfare
22 - Lorule Theme 2
23 - Lorule Castle
24 - The Story of Lorule
25 - Ganon Returns
26 - Facing Ganon
27 - Hilda and Ganon
28 - Final Showdown with Ganon
29 - Ravio's Return, Hilda's Sorrow
30 - Hilda's Change of Heart (Return to Hyrule)
31 - Light in Lorule
32 - Credits
33 - Grand Finale
34 - Rupee Total Fanfare
35 - Hero Mode Fanfare
36 - Item Fanfare (Final Showdown)
37 - Lorule Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
38 - Death Mountain (Milk Bar Musicians)
39 - Lorule Dungeon Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
40 - Lorule Castle (Milk Bar Musicians)
41 - Ganon's Theme (Milk Bar Musicians)
42 - Ballad of the Goddess (Milk Bar Musicians)
Total Time:

Yes, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to A Link to the Past. That being said, don't worry if you haven't played the NES game. The Link Between Worlds OST can definitely stand on its own.

A Link Between Worlds is loyal in its resurrection of songs from A Link to the Past. It's not Pokémon: HeartGold, with its different styles and interpretations of Pokémon: Gold tracks. The Link Between Worlds OST uses almost identical scores as the songs in A Link to the Past; the most notable difference is updated instruments. A Link to the Past fans will no doubt appreciate the richer sounds, and new players will be able to enjoy the OST as if they were encountering the 24-year-old original for the first time.

All the new characters and settings in A Link Between Worlds warrant their own songs. The villain Yuga, the merchant Ravio, the parallel universe princess Hilda, the witch Irene, and the magical octopus Maimai all have their own personal themes. The new Milk Bar song is catchy (though not as catchy as the one in Majora's Mask…), and the Octoball Derby song is all-around adorable. But composer Ryo Nagamatsu shows off his creativity the most in the second half of the game, in the dungeons of Lorule (the Dark World of A Link Between Worlds). Desert Palace, Swamp Palace, Ice Ruins, Turtle Rock, and Skull Woods all share the same theme, adapted to the different settings. The same melody blends as easily to its surroundings as Link blends into the walls.

At the end of both discs of the OST are a collection of songs played by the Bard, the musical duo in the Milk Bar. Their role in the game is minimal: pay them ten rupees and listen to their music (and receive no reward). But these songs have a strong presence on the OST, especially considering that they are the only tracks recorded live. They sound similar to the countless ocarina/guitar covers of Zelda songs on YouTube and may in fact be a response to them. What better way to reward a loyal fanbase than to put them in the next game?

The Legend of Zelda series has evolved well alongside the gaming community, from the NES to the 3DS. Just the same, the world and story of A Link to the Past have evolved nicely into A Link Between Worlds. Best of all for music lovers, A Link Between Worlds has a charming soundtrack, enjoyable by both old and new fans.

Reviewed by: Brigid Choi


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