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RPGFan originally came to life under the name of LunarNET when Mickey "GhaleonOne" Shannon launched the site in December 1997. Eventually we expanded our coverage and became RPGFan in 1999. Mickey left RPGFan in 2000, but he later re-started LunarNET and is still running it today. There have been countless changes to the look of the site and the people running it over time, but our dedicated staff has always made every effort to stand by our slogan: Extensive coverage of Import & Domestic RPGs for all platforms.

Interested in working with us?
That's good! We're always accepting applications for new editors, so if you're interested in writing news, reviews, working with media, or even have something to offer that's new and exciting, get in touch with our Managing Editor: johnt@rpgfan.com.

If you would like to contact us about coverage for a game that you are developing or publishing, please drop us a line at pr@rpgfan.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

RPGFan Senior Staff
Editor Title E-mail
John McCarroll Editor-in-Chief johnm@rpgfan.com
John Tucker Managing Editor johnt@rpgfan.com
Neal Chandran Public Relations, Reviews Editor nealch@rpgfan.com
Marcos Gaspar Senior Music Editor marcosg@rpgfan.com
Alana Hagues Senior Reviews Editor alanah@rpgfan.com
Mike Salbato Creative Director mike@rpgfan.com
Robert Steinman Senior Editor, Random Encounter Host robert@rpgfan.com
Peter Triezenberg Senior News Editor petert@rpgfan.com
Jesse Woo Senior News Editor jessew@rpgfan.com

RPGFan News Staff
Editor Title E-mail
John Alas News Editor johna@rpgfan.com
Trent Argirov News Contributor argirovt@gmail.com
Colin Burns News Editor colinb@rpgfan.com
Scott Clay News Editor scottc@rpgfan.com
Chris Gebauer News Editor chrisg@rpgfan.com
Keegan Lee News Contributor kleebrand92@gmail.com
David Nevins News Contributor davidowennevins@gmail.com

RPGFan Reviews Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Hilary Andreff Proofreading Contributor hlandreff@live.com
Andrew Barker Reviews Editor andrew@rpgfan.com
Krzysztof Chrzastowski Reviews Editor krzysztofc@rpgfan.com
Robert Fenner Reviews Editor, Proofreading robertf@rpgfan.com
Derek Heemsbergen Reviews Editor, Random Encounter Co-Host derek@rpgfan.com
Dom Kim Reviews Editor dhk2898@hotmail.com
Luna Lee Reviews Editor, Proofreading luna@rpgfan.com
Nicholas Ransbottom Reviews Editor nickr@rpgfan.com
Bob Richardson Reviews Editor bob@rpgfan.com
Rob Rogan Reviews Editor robr@rpgfan.com

RPGFan Podcast Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Caitlin Argyros Rhythm Encounter Host, Proofreading caitlina@rpgfan.com
Josh Curry Retro Encounter Host joshc@rpgfan.com
Brian Ingemanson Audio Engineer briani@rpgfan.com
Michael Sollosi Retro Encounter Co-Host sollosi@rpgfan.com

RPGFan Music Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Ronald Buie Music Editor ronaldb@rpgfan.com
Brigid Choi Music Editor brigidc@rpgfan.com
Samer Farag Music Editor samerf@rpgfan.com
Patrick Gann Music Consultant pgann@rpgfan.com
Francis Li Music Editor francisl@rpgfan.com
Adam Luhrs Music Editor adaml@rpgfan.com

RPGFan Media Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Bradley Pearce Media Editor bp61905@gmail.com
Timothy Veilleux Media Editor timothyv@rpgfan.com

RPGFan Community Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Nilson Carroll Social Media Editor nilsonc@rpgfan.com
Greig McCallum Forum Moderator greig.mccallum@gmail.com
Stephanie M Sybydlo Social Media Editor stephanies@rpgfan.com
Mark P. Tjan Forum Admin, Reviews Contributor blamemarktjan@gmail.com

RPGFan Emeritus Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Liz Maas Emeritus Editor liz@rpgfan.com
Stephen Meyerink Emeritus Editor stephenm@rpgfan.com
Kyle Miller Emeritus Editor kyle@rpgfan.com
Eric Farand Consultant -

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