Brian Ingemanson
Brian Ingemanson
Audio Engineer

I got started playing video games after going to a friend's house and seeing his older brother playing Final Fantasy 7. I remember being completely blown away by the huge over-world he was exploring. Up until that point, I didn't have any real familiarity with video games and this first impression really stuck with me. I later got a Playstation 1 for my birthday and started to play games like Legend of Dragoon, Lunar: Silver Star Story and Chrono Cross. It was clear that my love for RPGs was set in stone.

One thing that drew me in early on was how much I enjoyed all of the text in RPGs. I've never been into reading books all that much, but for some reason I loved just walking around town and talking to everyone and just really digging in to every piece of dialogue and lore entry I could find. That still continues today for me, even as video games are in a lot of cases fully voice acted now. I always find myself focusing most on reading the subtitles instead.

I pretty much stuck to JRPGs exclusively, not really knowing much about WRPGs or the legacy of things like Dungeons and Dragons. A friend later introduced me to Mass Effect and I went on to play most of the Bioware games and later fell in love with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

My other passion is playing music. I started out playing saxophone in middle school and later taught myself guitar. Writing and recording my own music was a focus for me as soon as I learned how to play an instrument and I would love to get into composing full-time someday.