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Chris Porter
Chris Porter
RPGFan Music Contributor

My love of video games and game music started early in life when I got my first NES around the age of five or six. However, the most influential games for me were the RPGs I played in my teens. Games like Xenogears, Wild ARMs, and Final Fantasy, specifically their soundtracks, had a huge impact on me and inspired me to begin writing my own music in the style of video games. I began teaching myself guitar and piano in high school and have worked hard to develop my musical abilities ever since. I have had the pleasure of contributing arrangements to several video game tribute albums, released albums of original video game-inspired music, and have composed soundtracks to a number of indie games. Aside from being involved as an arranger on various projects, I produced with Materia Collective a tribute album called OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears that was released in 2018.

I attended the University of Michigan, majoring in Asian Studies. While an undergraduate, I spent ten months abroad studying at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. Fully taken by the language and culture, I decided to move back to Japan after graduating in 2011. After many years of teaching English here, I am now working remotely as a full-time writer/editor for a video game and animation studio based in the U.S. In my free time, I love to collect physical game soundtracks, listen to music (not just VGM!), compose and arrange, play games, and spend time with my wife and kids.