Eric Irving
Eric Irving
Phoenix Edge Podcast Host

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Hey guys! My name is Eric and I am co-host along with Hat and Stan on the Phoenix Edge Podcast. Outside of the podcast I am a full time technician and a heavy gamer at night time. I have been playing games religiously since the NES to SNES era, getting hooked starting with Super Mario Bros. on the NES when I was three years old. You could say all hell broke loose from there. Ever since then I have been enthusiastic about playing games, but it was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past when I was very young that solidified gaming as my primary hobby.

My first foray into RPGs proper was Super Mario RPG on the SNES. It was interesting that I never really comprehended the idea of indirectly controlling characters via command prompts. However, the charm of the story and world compelled me to learn at a young age and my love for RPGs started growing from there. I got to play FFIV and its ilk, but it was Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation and Dragon Quest III on the Game Boy Color that really began my career into RPGs. Even though action/adventure games are still my favorite, I could not get enough of the RPG formula and had to get whatever I could get my hands on in the PS1/N64 era.

Up till now (30 years old currently), I can say I have a couple dozen RPGs completed under my belt and I'm always looking forward to the next installments. Yet I still always love to go back to the golden years of gaming through my other hobby of collecting older retro titles. Always love seeing rare items from this era of gaming.

I love talking about games and if you are interested in talking about them also, join us every week on Phoenix Edge and contribute to the conversation in the Live Chat.