Isaac Parsons
Isaac Parsons
Reviews Editor

I was born into a family that already loved video games. My mom had a particularly close relationship with RPGs and she used them as a teaching tool for reading, math, and problem solving. Playing RPGs with my mom was a fixture of my early life and led to me finishing games like Shining Force and Breath of Fire before I even started school. As I got older, the rest of my family grew distant from video games, but I never stopped loving them. Every Friday my grandma would drive me to a rental place or two and I would pick out new games to play, but this is also where my love of RPGs hit a bit of a snag. Everyone knew playing an RPG by rental was a risky business. There was no certainty you would have another chance to rent it, and for cartridge based games your save would inevitably be erased if you did. As I left a graveyard of unfinished RPGs behind me, I turned to other genres for a time.

Flash forward to moving out of my parents' home: I had a credit card and more freedom than I knew what to do with. I went on a shopping spree, snatching up numerous games I failed to finish as a child: Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests, Xenos and Baten Kaitos, and many more. I found myself with a love of RPGs and video games far beyond what I had experienced in my younger years. I spent hours a day playing RPGs, even during exam season. Sure I was doing a difficult degree in physics (and ended up with a master's six years later), but who needs sleep!? Along the way, I made many online friends who shared my love of RPGs and they (both the people and the games) became a dominant force for good in my life.

Discovering other people that loved RPGs as much as I did completely changed the way I thought about and played games. I was having in-depth discussions on themes, game mechanics, and development for the first time. I began taking notes when I played games — I didn't want to forget to tell my friends about something cool. Looking back it seems inevitable that I would end up wanting to take things even further.

I have joined RPGFan to express my love for RPGs in a new way. When playing a game, my goal is finding those special things that really make even the rustiest game shine, whether it's a unique and evocative soundtrack or a single minor game mechanic that does something mind blowing. I hope to bring this perspective with my writing and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful site and community!