Jo Padilla
Jo Padilla
Social Media Editor

Hi there! My name is Jo, and I edit/create content for RPGFan's social media team.

I'm a queer, Latinx, they/themmer (I guess that's what I've decided to call myself in this bio?) from the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois, where the wind hurts your face and a politician can win re-election after shaking down a Burger King in a pinstripe suit.

My first exposure to video games was when I was around kindergarten age. My godfather's son had a Nintendo 64, and when I would hang with him, he would show me the ropes of Pokémon Snap and Super Smash Bros. Soon enough, I was walking around my house, shouting "FREE FOR ALL" in my attempt at a booming, adult voice. To this day, I still main Ness in Smash.

I received my first system of my own on my 8th birthday, a Game Boy Advance with Pokémon Crystal that I would eventually wear out the buttons on. And around this time, my sister and I were given a half-broken PlayStation from my cousin, where we spent countless hours playing Crash Team Racing and Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, ducking behind our couch after hitting the power button because we thought that the console wouldn't freeze on the intro screen if it didn't see that we wanted to play it... that makes sense, right?

Despite the vastness of the PlayStation's RPG library, I didn't play an RPG on the system until much later in life. In fact, I didn't play RPGs much at all. For the first two decades of my life, outside of Pokémon, the only RPGs I played were the first two Borderlands and Mass Effect games, along with a frustrating Kingdom Hearts run that ended in Hollow Bastion.

But eventually, I came around to the fact that I simply loved RPGs. I love battle systems, melodrama, and all these rich worlds filled with amazing characters for you to talk with, level up, and play as. I may not have the extensive knowledge of most of RPGFan's staff but I'm getting there with a little help from my friends, and I am thrilled to learn every step of the way.

Outside of RPGFan, I sing in an indie rock band and once walked 200 miles in two weeks as part of my other life as a community organizer. I love everything from post-rock to bubblegum pop, as well as anime and political theory/economics! So if you want to talk about Björk, FKA twigs, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju or how many yards of linen equals 1 coat, I'm your... not guy? Gosh, I need to find some new, ungendered colloquialisms!