Kim Key
Kim Key
News Editor

My first RPG came to me in the form of a shiny gold Nintendo cartridge with a killer looking sword on the front. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link doesn't get a lot of love from the older gaming set these days, but it was my whole world as a small child with a very active imagination and an awful lot of time on her hands. The love for the adventures of Link and Zelda made way for something a little more "adult" when Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997. I spent my junior high years obsessed with beating the game and dreaming, as some kids do, of finding the Cloud for my Tifa.

These games were pure escapism for me. The whimsy, joy, and fantastical elements made them the perfect outlet for a little girl who felt like she didn't quite fit in with her surroundings. I took the themes explored by RPGs and made them into works of fan fiction that I posted to an early version of the internet. A love for writing was borne out of this work, and it has followed me through my career as a journalist.

I attended university and came away with a degree in Broadcast News Media, and went on to work for local television stations, and eventually CNN and CNN International, where I was a sports and features journalist. These days I've moved away from "hard news stories" and enjoy reporting on games here at RPGFan and other outlets. I also run a travel blog, I design crochet patterns, and I stream RPGs regularly on the Twitch and Mixer platforms.