Kyle Kortvely
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At RPGFan Since:
November 2017

Orlando, Florida

Favorite Games/Series:
Tales of Series, Final Fantasy (VI), Resident Evil (2), Fire Emblem (PoR), Xenosaga, Mana Series, Gundam, Ace Combat (5), Fallout, Devil May Cry (4), Valkyria Chronicles, Persona (4), Zelda, Mario, Kingdom Hearts (II), Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean (2), MechWarrior (3), Chrono Trigger/Cross, Pokémon

Favorite Genres:
RPGs, Survival Horror, Action, Platforming, Adventure, Mecha

Other Interests:
Gunpla (Gundam model kits), Audio Books, J-Rock/Pop, Photography, Technology, Party/Tabletop Games

Ever since I was cognitive enough to know what a video game was, the amount of things you could do and interact with inside of them had always fascinated my mind. In my early days, I can remember my first memories of the NES, the first console that my parents bestowed to me and my brother. I was undoubtedly mystified with Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and especially The Legend of Zelda. These games made me want to get more into this new feeling of playing something that I have the power to influence and get better with. This soon gave way to me later experiencing the family of Nintendo products, as well as moving my way up to later consoles throughout my gaming years.

RPGs had particularly larger impact on my life, as it painted another layer of attachment to something that I was already drawn into. These games allowed me to take responsibility over the characters, sometimes making calculated choices that thrilled my curiosity and equally showing empathy to each depicted story. It distracted my mind, taking me away from a normal life and any difficult situations that I might be facing, as I was transported into whatever world that specific, enticing narrative made my fingers tango along the controller that day. I deeply appreciated any and all kind of RPGs that crossed my path, as I felt the desire to get into the story and marvel at their images.

With that said, I'm not solely devoted to RPGs. I've taken quite the liking to survival horror, platforming and adventure games. As an example, Resident Evil (technically, the 2nd one) was the first time I've plunged into survival horror. I think I appreciated the game for more than its zombies and gore, as it gave me legitimate puzzles to overcome, both in terms of in-game riddles and situational preparedness in the realm of item management. I honestly love games that do more than provide the simple trope of "do this, then that," as it speaks more to the actual value of the game over time. This is also not to say that I don't enjoy the humbler side of games; it's really the essence of the gameplay that draws me in at the end of the day.

On a personal level, I'm a happy-go-lucky guy that enjoys all things anime, tech, and especially Gunpla (Gundam model kits). When I'm not gaming, I'll either be working on some type of model kit or just doing things between work and college life. I am happily married to my wonderful wife, which luckily shares similar interests as me, but certainly keeps me balanced and motivated. There are many things I owe to her encouragement that has made me the person I am today, as she is surely my partner in crime when it comes right down to it! I have an eye for photography — strictly in an amateur capacity — as I dabble a little in Photoshop from time to time. I'm currently in college, working on my degree for IT, as well as working full-time in the IT field (needless to say, computers are my friend!). Other than that, I'm always looking forward to bigger and better things, as I hope to keep driving towards my goals in life, including but not limited to completing my ever-growing list of games and making people laugh!

Twitch Schedule & Status

April 28: TBA • 10am PDT/1pm EDT
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past w/ Mark • 1pm PDT/4pm EDT

Suikoden II w/Maxx • 12pm PDT/3pm EDT
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory w/Kat • 4pm PDT/7pm EDT

Final Fantasy VIII w/Kyle • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Mass Effect 2 w/Nathan • 10am PDT/1pm EDT
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition w/Kat • 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Super Robot Wars X w/Kyle • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Final Fantasy XIV Online w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Final Fantasy XIV Online w/Scott • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT

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