Micah Coates
Micah Coates
Audio Engineer

Games of all genres have a place in my heart, but RPGs have always been special, arguably bringing significant influence to all genres, especially in the last fifteen years. I was lucky enough to have a Super Nintendo at the age of six and my parents saw fit to let me rent video games from Blockbuster (pour one out) every Friday after school. At some point, I happened to check out Final Fantasy VI... and was immediately terrified by the battle screen transition and the unfamiliar layout, so I turned it off, returned it that Sunday, and stayed far away from any games that had box art similar to FFVI.

That might have been it for me if I hadn't happened to get a GameShark and a friend who insisted that I play Chrono Trigger. At eight years old I didn't understand strategy, but I understood that these were very different types of games that were telling big, incredible stories while other games at the time weren't interested in that aspect, so I didn't feel any shame about using a cheat device to power up. This same friend would also loan me Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, and other games we now consider classics.

Eventually I got a PlayStation, and without access to a GameShark, the training wheels had to come off. Tough encounters would keep me stuck for weeks and I'd reference strategy guides which taught me to recognize patterns across multiple games. I learned to slow down and understand RPG systems, and after I beat my first RPG without cheating (Dragon Quest III for Game Boy Color), I was hooked for life.

As someone who loves worlds and world-building, I have a big interest in MMOs, though only FFXIV has managed to keep me on long-term recently. Outside of RPGs, I greatly enjoy games that draw influence from a specific period of time in history, action combat games, and rhythm games. I'm also a big fan of fantasy books — usually the series that run past a reasonable five or six entries, with any of Brandon Sanderson's cosmere series being safe bets.

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