Mike Salbato
Creative Director






Chrono Site:


At RPGFan Since:
June 1999

California, USA

Favorite Games/Series:
Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Valkyrie Profile, Secret of Mana, Zelda, Portal, Metroid, Mega Man, Metal Gear Solid series

Favorite Genres:
Adventure, RPG, Action, Puzzle

Other Interests:
Music, so much TV, coffee, coffee, Reese's anything, coffee, romantic comedies/dramas (basically anything with Rachel McAdams and/or Amy Adams), also coffee
As one of RPGFan's senior editors, I've so far outlasted almost everyone else since joining the site in June 1999. Soon enough they will all be dead and the throne will be mine. Recruited for my apparent skills on what, looking back, was a terrible RPG site I ran hosted on Xoom, I joined RPGFan with no specific title. Sure, I'd go on to redesign the site multiple times and handle all graphic and layout decisions, but I also dabbled in several other sections, and with the most recent changes to reviews and previews, have been instrumental in overhauling most of the site - visually and structurally - compared to what we were in 1999. Graphics and layout are my main duties, though over the years I've managed to get my hands in nearly every corner of the site.

My origin story when it comes to RPGs is probably a common one. Once upon a time, Nintendo Power had a promotion that involved giving away copies of Dragon Warrior (this was before 'Dragon Quest' finally became a global name) which was my first RPG. I liked it, but it wasn't enough to make me play others of its kind, until Final Fantasy IV (as II) came out for the SNES. Dragon Warrior may have been my first RPG, but it was FFIV that made me a fan, and is the real reason I fell in love with the genre. It's also why I must buy every remake of the game and could never look at any edition objectively. While Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger would eventually take over as my top games, FFIV will always be my "first."

Besides RPGs, I have an overwhelming love for most Nintendo franchises: Zelda, Mario, Metroid in particular. Enough that I will use a vacation day (or three) at work to be able to play new editions of each on release. More recently, I'd dive into A Realm Reborn, the "fixed" version of Final Fantasy XIV, to see if it was an improvement over the highly maligned 1.0. Do I enjoy it? Let's just say it's probably best that there's no way to check your total play time.

I was going to work a nod to Joss Whedon in there somewhere, but it didn't fit. So, I love Joss Whedon. I have yet to find a story or cast of characters that resonated with me as much as any of his shows (though Lost came close), and try to turn people onto them whenever possible, usually starting with Firefly. And if you're reading this and have not seen Firefly... please go buy or watch it and let me know what you thought.

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