Nicholas Whaley
Nicholas Whaley
Social Media Editor

Gaming to me is the ultimate, all-encompassing art. From early on I was captivated by art forms that touched upon the various senses. Music, film, and storytelling are all passions of mine, and I contribute much of those passions to my origins as a gamer. I developed as the gaming landscape itself evolved.

I started on the NES, where storytelling was fairly limited, and the music was pumped through 4 channels. Even then, I can still recall the sense of wanderlust I felt from the overworld theme in the original Dragon Quest. It taught me early on that music has no limitations so long as you feel it in your soul.

As time went on, storytelling and cinematography improved in the gaming world. So did my interests. I got deep into film, and began constructing my own worlds in Dungeons and Dragons.

Nowadays, games and movies are intertwined with beautiful graphics, wonderfully written narratives, and captivating soundtracks. It's a community I've always been proud to be a part of, and it's difficult to say if I would have ever been involved with art the way I am, if it wasn't for those early days of 4 audio channels and poorly translated tales.

To me, the golden age of RPGs is the SNES/PS1 era. Some of the most memorable soundtracks ever made were crafted during this time. Not to say that soundtracks now can't be amazing, but I find myself humming music from this era the most. Chrono Trigger, SaGa Frontier, Legend of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics, Star Ocean 2, these titles all led me to discover different composers that really made me think about music theory, and how differently people can approach music as an art of expression.

I have a deep love and passion for games, and I have reached a point where I wanted to start giving back and contributing to the community, than just simply consuming. I hope to continue to grow, as I know the evolution of gaming will, and I hope you join me for the ride.