Quinton O'Connor
Quinton O'Connor
News Editor

Hi there! I'm Quinton. It's an honor to be among the newest members of the terrifically talented writing staff here at RPGFan! I love cats, I love hiking, I love space operas and epic fantasy settings. But perhaps my biggest love of all (don't tell my cat) is for RPGs, especially of the Japanese variety! For quite literally as long as I can remember, these extraordinary games have enabled me to transport myself into detailed fictional universes filled with sweeping stories and memorable characters.

It's those stories and characters that have stuck with me through thick and thin, inspiring me like my favorite books and savviest shows to do my best in life no matter what ails me. Is that cheesy? Absolutely! Is it true? Unequivocally! In fact, RPGs have compelled me toward not only a career in writing but also a bad tendency to drone on about the tragedy of the unfinished Suikoden saga until my friends are blue in the face. Well, perhaps not literally blue in the face. Certainly a suitably vivid shade of frustration. And if the appetizers at our lunch date have yet to arrive, definitely a profound exhibition of what the youth have labeled "hangry."

Which is why I'm here, channeling my unkempt verbosity into something moderately refined and potentially interesting! Save my friends -- read my words. I'm stoked to help bring our readers up-to-date on the genre's latest news and coolest upcoming titles. If you're a long-time RPGFan regular, I hope I'll live up to your expectations, and if you're as new to browsing this place as I am to writing for it, brace yourself; there ain't no gettin' off this train we're on.

Stand tall and shake the heavens, friends. See you on the site!