Roy Goos
Video Contributor


At RPGFan Since:
March 2019

Favorite Games/Series:
Final Fantasy, Persona, Yakuza

Favorite Genres:
RPG, Shooters, Tactical/Strategy

Other Interests:
Music Production, video editing, bad puns

Do you remember those tacky little off-brand "consoles" you used to hook up to the TV with the A/V cable? That's where it all started for me. The first ever game I played was Pac-Man, albeit some cheap knockoff version. My mom noticed how much I got into it and not too long after I got a PlayStation 1. (What, I'm younger than most of these other old-geezers. Okay?) My first two games were Wipeout and Alundra 2. Alundra 2 interested me, and I kept renting games from the local video store to see what else there was. While Alundra 2 reeled me in, it was Kartia: The Word of Fate that hooked me and kept me. And when I told the store clerk I loved those games, they recommended that I should get this game called Final Fantasy Tactics.

I didn't understand a damn thing. I didn't understand English, but I knew what I was doing was rewarding and fun. Small bits of strategy unfolded greater ploys. But after I finished and played them 'till they wore out I wasn't as interested anymore. Until Christmas when I was 8. My aunt came over with her brand new PlayStation 2 and wanted to show off this game where you played in the world of Peter Pan as some brown-haired oversized shoe (and pants?) wearing kid. After toying around with it and getting used to the new analog sticks I was sold for the rest of my life on video games, and Kingdom Hearts was the catalyst. After that came Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Yakuza 1 & 2, Final Fantasy games (even though XII is the best, don't @ me.) and the Kingdom Hearts games. They all taught me English, about the world of video games, and just how vast it all was.

And now here I am. I'm a part of the RPGFan team to make videos and pitch in where I can, and outside of it I make music that is heavily influenced by RPG music. That's me, hi. I'm Roy otherwise known as Fabled Ways.