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05/25/19 Square Enix Announces Star Ocean: First Departure R for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
Once more into the Star Ocean, space friends.
05/25/19 Catherine: Full Body Gets New English Gameplay Video
Enjoy plenty of new footage from the upcoming remaster!
05/25/19 Twitch Sunday: Final Fantasy V Career Day
Find your true calling!
05/24/19 GOG to Remove the Remaining Telltale Games Titles on May 27th
Better hurry up and grab them before their gone forever!
05/24/19 RPGFan Music: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly OST Review
The colors!
05/24/19 Weekly Shonen Jump Teases "Surprising News" For Dragon Quest in June 10th Issue
News of news.
05/24/19 SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Video Review
Taking a more visual tour of a steampunk adventure!
05/23/19 Retro Encounter 189: Chrono Cross Part II
I don't know what it is / About this beat that we have here / But it sure is funky
05/23/19 God Eater 3 Gets New Monsters, Missions, and More in Update 1.30
To this day, God Eater is the most metal title of a video game series I've honestly ever heard.
05/23/19 Dragon Quest Builders 2 Available for Pre-Purchase, DLC Details Revealed
Pre-load now and get instant access to the game when it releases!
05/22/19 Gothic Studio Piranha Bytes bought by THQ Nordic
Gothic and Risen developer joins the publisher's slew of studios.
05/22/19 Interview: Alex Kane on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
We chat with the author of Boss Fight Books' recent behind-the-scenes book on the legendary Star Wars title.
05/22/19 Spike Chunsoft Announces AI: The Somnium Files and Crystar for Europe
Both games will be available physically and digitally.
05/21/19 Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Coming to PC on May 29th
Dungeon crawling goodness!
05/21/19 Retro Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Remembering the good old BioWare days.
05/20/19 Coming This Week, 5/20/19
Slaying monsters and brewing potions.
05/20/19 Cloud and Squall Getting Kingdom Hearts Costumes in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Out this June.
05/19/19 Nightshade Review
Love in the Sengoku Period.
05/19/19 Nippon Ichi Software in Serious Financial Trouble
Company unable to pay employees after failure of mobile game.
05/19/19 Twitch Sunday: Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Garage island and goats (and Mirai the sheep) await.
05/18/19 Square Enix Offering New English-Language Book Imprint with Penguin Random House
Expect new manga, art books, and more.
05/18/19 New Mobile Title Pokemon Rumble Rush Coming Soon to iOS and Android
Keep rumbling on.
05/18/19 Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor: Prophecy Launches This Month
Re-enter the world of Inquisitor in a standalone expansion pack.
05/18/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 12 - 5/17/2019
This week's edition is Lord British approved!
05/17/19 Random Encounter 164 - Farming Materia
Reaping the benefits of a good harvest with an update and a remake!
05/17/19 Mary Skelter 2 Heads West on Nintendo Switch
The game appears to be digital only.
05/17/19 SteamWorld Quest Coming to PC on May 31st
Card based RPG battlin'!
05/17/19 New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters, Gameplay Details, and More
Perhaps the largest information release yet on this stunning and innovative entry.
05/17/19 Retro Encounter 188: How Did This Get Made: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
05/16/19 Yo-kai Watch 4 Release Delayed to June 20th in Japan
Gera Gera oh...
05/16/19 CrossCode Update 1.1 Adds An Arena and Pets
Yes, you can pet the dog.
05/16/19 Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human Windows Release Dates Announced
05/15/19 Left Alive Review
The spin-off everyone wanted...?
05/15/19 Death end re;Quest Gets New Batch of Screenshots Ahead of Steam Release
Available tomorrow for Windows!
05/15/19 AI: The Somnium Files Delayed to September in North America
The game was originally planned for July 25th.
05/15/19 Introducing Manuela from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Get acquainted with this new character through screenshots, art, and a new trailer.
05/15/19 Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Reaction
Did you gawk at it as much as we did? Find our here!
05/14/19 Brave Hero Yuusha EX Review
Move aside, 16-bit tributes.
05/13/19 Studio Istolia's Project Prelude Rune Seemingly Cancelled
Another one bites the dust.
05/13/19 Coming This Week, 5/13/19
The day after Cleganebowl.
05/13/19 Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed to Still be Released in Multiple Installments
Hopefully we'll learn more soon!
05/13/19 The 20 Best RPG Moms (and 2 Bad Ones)
Happy Mother's Day! (just barely)
05/12/19 Life is Strange 2 - Episode 3 Review
Things are starting to ramp up.
05/11/19 Twitch Sunday: Phantasy Star
PSA: join us this Sunday for PS1.
05/10/19 Meet New Characters and Summon Dragons in Dragon Star Varnir
Be sure to treat your witches right!
05/10/19 Pillars of Eternity 2 Celebrates Anniversary with Free Update
Along with additional details on the upcoming tabletop RPG!
05/10/19 Guild Wars 2's Season Finale Launches Next Week
New story details, a flying mount, and weapons and tier armor!
05/10/19 Upcoming MMORPG Bless Unleashed Showcases Mage Class in New Trailer
May arcane prowess guide your way.
05/10/19 CD Project Red Launches Official Merchandise Store
Your one-stop shop for all things Gwent, The Witcher, and Cyberpunk 2077!
05/10/19 RPGFan Music: Project Destati: DARKNESS Review
Absolutely divine.
05/09/19 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Details, Official Release Date Revealed
What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!
05/09/19 Retro Encounter 187: Chrono Cross Part I
The sequel everyone wanted, but not everyone embraced.
05/09/19 New Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer debuted at Sony's State of Play
There ain't no gettin' off this train we're on.
05/09/19 Tales of Series Celebrates 20 Million Units Sold Worldwide
Bandai Namco prepared a few things to commemorate the event.
05/09/19 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory Listed for Switch by Spanish Retailer
Get the scoop on this rumored port!
05/09/19 New Persona 5 Royal Details Revealed in Famitsu Interview, Morgana's Report Video Series
Persona 4 Golden director will return to work on this upgraded entry!
05/09/19 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Gets New English Trailer
Meet the cast and hear their English VAs!
05/09/19 Code Vein Getting A Closed Network Test on PS4 and XB1
Try the game out later this month.
05/09/19 Dark Fantasy Mobile RPG SINoALICE Launching Worldwide This June
A mobile sensation from the creator of NieR.
05/08/19 Fell Seal: The Arbiter's Mark Review
2019 is officially the year of the strategy RPG.
05/07/19 Spike Chunsoft Details New Characters Within Upcoming ARPG Crystar
Revenants and Purgatory await!
05/07/19 Square Enix Shows Off New Life is Strange 2, Episode 3 Trailer
Releasing this Thursday!
05/07/19 Arc of Alchemist Western Release Delayed Until Winter
Digital-only in North America.
05/07/19 Super Neptunia RPG Releases on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam in June
The Steam version has a nice digital Deluxe Bundle!
05/06/19 Coming This Week, 5/6/19
Spring into, well, an assortment of games.
05/06/19 Wayo Records Announces "Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack"
The wonderful JRPG gets a fantastic-sounding soundtrack release.
05/06/19 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Launches on PS4 This June
A day one edition physical copy was also announced.
05/06/19 Meet the Members of ABIS from AI: The Somnium Files
New details on the next title from the director of the Zero Escape series!
05/05/19 Arcade Spirits Review
Without your love / It's a melody played in a penny arcade
05/04/19 Twitch Sunday: Edge of Eternity
I'm on the edge...of glory...er...Eternity.
05/03/19 RPGFan Music: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly / Eiko Shimamiya Review
Far out.
05/03/19 Upcoming MMORPG Bless Unleashed Showcases Its Priest Class in New Trailer
Divine energies and whatnot!
05/02/19 Retro Encounter 186: RPG Villains: Kefka Palazzo
On that day, the World was changed forever...
05/02/19 Stardew Valley 1.4 Update to Include New Map
The update will also allow players to earn their money individually in the multiplayer mode.
05/02/19 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets New Trailer, Release Date
Plus some really snazzy enhanced visuals!
05/02/19 Check Out Brand-New Gameplay from Borderlands 3 Event
"The original looter shooter" is back.
05/02/19 Take A Look Inside Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster in New Video
A lengthy look at some classic RPGs.
05/01/19 Feature: Akitoshi Kawazu and the Non-Linearity of SaGa Frontier
Venture to the frontier... however you'd like to.
05/01/19 VA-11 HALL-A Review
Time to mix drinks and change lives.
04/30/19 Latest Trailer for Dragon Star Varnir Dives into Combat
Time to slay some dragons.
04/30/19 Face Your Nightmares in this New Catherine: Full Body Trailer
If you die in the dream, you die in real life!
04/30/19 Visual Novel Root Letter: Last Answer Coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
More and more titles returning to the modern era.
04/30/19 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Video Review
Charting a course for new territory.
04/30/19 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Details Adol, Dogi, and More
Look what they did to my boy!
04/29/19 Coming This Week, 4/29/19
Hey, buckethead!
04/28/19 Final Fantasy VII Switch Review
...do we really need to introduce this?
04/28/19 Twitch Sunday: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
We'll see you in court!
04/27/19 Kingdom Hearts III "Re:Mind" DLC Announced at World of Tres Concert
Again with the names, Nomura!
04/27/19 New Atelier Lulua Trailer and Screenshots Focus on Combat
Always be ready for battle.
04/27/19 Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Gets "Returning Heroes" Trailer, List of DLC
See who's back in this homage to Personas past.
04/26/19 New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Story and Character Details Revealed
Take up arms, build bonds, and uncover mysteries in this new strategy RPG.
04/26/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 11 - 4/26/2019
What do a stately giraffe, vampire hunters, and Hiroki Kikuta have in common? They're all in this week's edition!
04/26/19 RPGFan Music: Octopath Traveler Arrangements -Break & Boost- Review
Time to take a break to boost your mood!
04/26/19 Valkyrie Profile Returns To Star Ocean: Anamnesis
Hey, you got your Norse mythology in my science fiction!
04/26/19 Oninaki Introduces Characters in New Trailer
Friends and foes await Kagachi on his journey.
04/26/19 Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Revealed for PS4 and Switch
The team behind Dynasty Warriors is helping out.
04/25/19 Retro Encounter 185: Missing Classics
He is exactly like you in every way. Except one-eighth your size.
04/25/19 Doraemon Story of Seasons Coming in Fall 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PC
A beautiful fusion.
04/24/19 Famitsu Readers Have Chosen the Top-20 RPGs of the Past 20 Years
Clearly not enough Famitsu readers have played Final Fantasy VIII.
04/24/19 SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Review
This popular Nintendo series gets even more RPG!
04/24/19 Persona 5 Royal Officially Announced for PlayStation 4, Coming Westward in 2020
I must admit, I never saw... oh, you know.
04/23/19 Random Encounter 163 - Bonds of Crystal and Light
On this episode of "Retro" Encounter...
04/23/19 Meet the Characters and Mechs of Project Sakura Wars
Hopefully these new details will help bide your time until Spring 2020!
04/23/19 Dragalia Lost Review
Find out what all of the fuss is about!
04/22/19 "The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series" Bundle Announced
The bundle includes all four seasons of the critically acclaimed series.
04/22/19 New Details and Screenshots from Zero Escape Director's New Game, AI: The Somnium Files
Plot and character outlined in official website.
04/22/19 Coming This Week, 4/22/19
Stay alert! The Switch approaches.
04/22/19 Kingdom Hearts III's Critical Mode Update Will Be Available Tomorrow
Set hype levels accordingly.
04/22/19 New Metal Max Game In the Works
I live, I die, I live again!
04/21/19 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Ys: The Oath in Felghana
[insert Ys-ter pun here]
04/21/19 The Caligula Effect: Overdose Review
Does everything deserve a second chance?
04/20/19 Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge
Neal gives the challenge a second go, this time in the Kalos region.
04/20/19 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Announced For Smartphones
Action RPG-ing on the go!
04/20/19 Twitch Sunday: Valkyrie Profile & A Link to the Past
It shall be engraved upon your Twitch post!
04/20/19 Caravan Stories for PS4 Coming to North America This Summer
The MMORPG will be available in July.
04/19/19 RPGFan Music: Timespinner Original Game Soundtrack Review
Time to spin that disc!
04/19/19 Enjoy The Latest Shenmue III Screenshots from Reboot Develop Blue 2019
Plus some interesting information from Yu Suzuki.
04/18/19 Retro Encounter 184: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Part II
It's not Ys-y being the hero. Just ask Adol Christin.
04/18/19 Final Fantasy VII - A Symphonic Reunion Concert to be Held on June 9th
The Reunion is at hand.
04/17/19 Pal Around with Noctis in New Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration, "A Nocturne for Heroes"
Special content based on Final Fantasy XV available until May 27th.
04/17/19 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Arrives on July 19th
We're in the endgame, now.
04/17/19 Hajime Tabata's JP Games Teams Up With the International Paralympic Committee for The Pegasus Dream Tour
This will be the first ever video game based on the Paralympics.
04/17/19 Edge of Eternity - Chapter II Preview
The updates keep on coming!
04/17/19 Left Alive Gets "Casual" Difficulty Setting in 1.03 Update
"Caution, the enemy is approa-" BAM.
04/16/19 Persona 5's Joker, Update 3.0 Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on April 17th
Looking cool, Joker!
04/16/19 Pathway Review
A refreshing take on the XCOM formula.
04/15/19 Enjoy A New Batch of Screenshots from The Surge 2
More Souls-like action is on the way.
04/15/19 Octopath Traveler Journeys onto Steam this June
PC players will be able to experience this unique adventure in the not-too-distant future.
04/15/19 Developer Confirms a New Story of Seasons Title is in Development
A bountiful harvest is on the horizon for fans of the series!
04/15/19 Coming This Week, 4/15/19
Hi-ho, hi-ho, to Zanarkand we go!
04/14/19 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Review
Another cheery game from the minds behind Danganronpa!
04/13/19 Twitch Sunday: Yakuza 0 and Link to the Past
From the streets of Kamurocho to the markets of Kakariko Village
04/13/19 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - A Review of Boss Fight Books' Latest
We take a look at Alex Kane's new book that goes behind the scenes of one of the most prolific Star Wars games ever made.
04/13/19 FINAL DAY ~ Now Hiring: Social Media Staff
Today is your last chance to apply!
04/13/19 Utawarerumono: ZAN Slashes its Way Westward this Fall
Just when I thought I was done typing out that title.
04/13/19 Super Neptunia RPG Hitting PS4 and Switch This Summer
A brief delay to modify some CG scenes.
04/12/19 New Our World is Ended Trailer Introduces Judgment 7
Any visual novel needs a crew of characters!
04/12/19 Comedy Adventure Guard Duty Releases May 2nd on Steam
Releasing on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
04/12/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 10 - 4/12/2019
Running the gamut from cat cafes to the embodiments of sin.
04/12/19 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Comes to PC in May
Pre-orders are now open and include a little bonus to sweeten the deal.
04/12/19 Dive into Dreams and Overcome Mental Locks in AI: The Somnium Files
Spike Chunsoft's net idol, A-set, explores the world of dreams.
04/12/19 Warner Bros. Japan Debuts Ni no Kuni Anime Film Trailer
The movie releases in Japan this summer.
04/12/19 God Eater 3 Switch Release Announced
The coveted action title will hit the Switch this summer.
04/11/19 Retro Encounter 183: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Part I
Ys is the time, is the place, is the motion / Now Ys is the way we are feeling
04/11/19 Zenos yae Galvus is Now Playable in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
The flames of war beckon.
04/11/19 Square Enix Details the Making of Final Fantasy VII in New Video
Learn more about the creation of a classic.
04/11/19 Octopath Traveler Coming to Steam on June 7th
A chance for more people to play this wonderful game!
04/10/19 New Pokemon Sword and Shield Contest in CoroCoro Will Let Fan Name a New Move
The winner will also receive copies of both game versions!
04/10/19 VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Opens Its Doors on PS4 and Switch May 2nd
Physical copies are also planned.
04/10/19 Indie Hit Moonlighter Getting "Between Dimensions" DLC
Along with a sale for selling 500,000 copies!
04/09/19 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Available Now
Check out a new launch trailer!
04/09/19 Check Out New Gameplay and Screenshots from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Explore the Tower of the Twin Dragons.
04/09/19 Lapis X Labyrinth Gets New Trailer, Character Portraits
Learn more about the game's 8 classes!
04/09/19 Witcher III: The Wild Hunt x Monster Hunter: World Collaboration Coming To PCs in Early May
Armor sets and weapons to earn!
04/09/19 Sword of the Stars: The Pit Review
Procedurally generated in space!
04/08/19 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Gets New "Tidus and Yuna" Trailer
Listen to their story, one last time.
04/08/19 Coming This Week, 4/8/19
A merry week for pointing, clicking, and dungeon crawling.
04/08/19 Random Encounter 162 - A Positively Pleasant Palette Cleanse
There have been a few duds to discuss lately, but this time around it's largely the good that shines in the games we've played!
04/08/19 Super Neptunia RPG Coming to Steam this Summer, New Screenshots Released
Idea's Factory's latest will be playable on PC.
04/07/19 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Double Review
A grand finale in the form of two reviews
04/07/19 Octopath Traveler May Be Coming to PC
A PC port has been rated in Korea!
04/07/19 Twitch Sunday: Until Dawn
Wait, the call is coming from inside the house!
04/06/19 Learn About Dragon Cores and Giant Boss Battles in Dragon Star Varnir
New screenshots abound!
04/06/19 Life is Strange 2 Gets A New Teaser for Episode 3
The story continues.
04/05/19 Now Hiring: Social Media Staff
Come socialize with us!
04/05/19 RPGFan Music: Persona 4: Dancing All Night Original Soundtrack
These beats are fresh.
04/05/19 Hideo Baba is No Longer With Studio Istolia or Square Enix
What does this mean for Project Prelude Rune?
04/05/19 Latest Rune Factory 4 Special Trailer Announces Data Bonus for Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 4 Special launches sometime this year.
04/05/19 Check Out Some New Screenshots from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
See the iconic courtroom classic in HD.
04/04/19 Retro Encounter 182: Job Search
Jobs will may you money, but money can't buy you class
04/04/19 Yoshitaka Amano Does Special Collaboration With Fate/Grand Order
Check out some truly beautiful artwork!
04/03/19 Dragon Quest: Your Story Movie Receives First Trailer
A beautiful movie to accompany a beautiful game!
04/03/19 Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Available Now for Nintendo Switch
A bloody good time.
04/03/19 Doraemon Story of Seasons Launches in Japan this June
Join Nobita, Doraemon, and others in this relaxing crossover title for Nintendo Switch.
04/03/19 Borderlands 3 Release Date, Collector's Editions announced
Newly revealed release date means shoot 'n' loot action in your near future!
04/03/19 Florence Review
One of 2018's hidden gems.
04/02/19 Operencia: The Stolen Sun Live Now!
Exclusive on Xbox One and the Epic Game Store
04/02/19 Persona 5 S Website Teases New Information To Be Unveiled in Late April
Ready for round two?
04/02/19 NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition Review
Surprise! Another glowing review on NieR: Automata!
04/01/19 Next Generation Title In Development From Square Enix
With Yoshi-P at the helm, the new title is bound for greatness!
04/01/19 Naoki Hamaguchi Credited As New Co-Director Of Final Fantasy VII Remake
A new update on the long running project.
04/01/19 Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Releases Globally on April 4th
The game was downloaded over 3.5 million times in Japan.
04/01/19 Coming This Week, 4/1/19
There will be no April Fooling in this post, I promise.
04/01/19 Mary Skelter 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch
The sequel released last year on PlayStation 4 in Japan.
04/01/19 Bandai Namco Announces Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris for PS4, XB1, and Steam
That sure is a subtitle.
04/01/19 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Enough with the Asashins already!
03/31/19 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Is Coming to PC, According to ESRB
More Yakuza is always a good thing! The game series, I mean.
03/31/19 Square Enix's Mobile Title Last Idea Gets New Trailer
Almost like they were... out of ideas! Please clap.
03/31/19 Yakuza Kiwami PC Review
Revisit the start of the Yakuza series again...again!
03/30/19 New Persona Q2 Character Trailer Introduces the Phantom Thieves
These chibi Phantom Thieves are sure to steal your heart!
03/30/19 Project Sakura Wars Announced for 2020 Release
You can almost smell the cherry blossoms in the reveal trailer!
03/30/19 Twitch Sunday: Digital Devil Saga 1 & Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Junkyards and Dark Worlds everywhere.
03/30/19 Switch Port When? ~ Special Feature
45 Games We Want to See on Nintendo's Sometimes Portable Console.
03/29/19 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party Whisper of the Nightmare Scorpion Review
Welcome to your...
03/29/19 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party Whisper of the Nightmare Tarantula Review
...special double feature!
03/28/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 9 - 3/28/2019
This week is like duck, duck, goose, if ducks were vibrant cyberpunk dystopias and geese were farming sims... or... something.
03/28/19 Enjoy Even More New Details, Screenshots, and Videos from Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
Falcom is pulling out all the stops with this one.
03/28/19 Retro Encounter 181: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Part II
This is no time to futz around
03/28/19 Gearbox Software Announces Borderlands 3 at Pax East 2019
Over one billion guns!
03/28/19 Monolith Soft Hiring Staff for New Legend of Zelda Project
We may be closer to the next Zelda than we originally thought.
03/28/19 Larian Studios Announces New Tactical RPG, Divinity: Fallen Heroes
The multi-platform release will be set in the Divinity: Original Sin universe.
03/28/19 Outward Now Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam
Survive the brutal open-world RPG alone or with a friend.
03/28/19 Path of Exile Now Available For PlayStation 4
It's been a long time coming!
03/28/19 Falcom Debuts First Gameplay Footage of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
The latest entry in the Ys series is due out this fall.
03/27/19 The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 4 Review
The end of an era.
03/27/19 New Corpse Party Title Release April 10th for PC
Have you tried the cake yet? I heard it's to die for...
03/27/19 Koei Tecmo Synthesizes a Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists Launch Trailer
Available now for PS4, Switch, and Steam!
03/26/19 Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Now Finished, Final Episode Available Now
End of an era.
03/26/19 Danganronpa Trilogy Available Now on PlayStation 4 for North America
Three games, all with a tale to tell.
03/26/19 Random Encounter 161 - A Love/Hate Relationship
The classic form seems to get it right, while other ideas, though well intended, are poorly executed.
03/26/19 The Princess Guide Review
Raise a princess to rule a kingdom.
03/26/19 Enjoy The Launch Trailer for Final Fantasy VII on Switch and Xbox One
To Midgar and beyond.
03/26/19 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Available Now for $9.99 USD
The final piece of DLC has arrived.
03/25/19 Sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky Announced Today
Fans of Revolution Software must be the most patient people on earth.
03/25/19 A New Game From Hironobu Sakaguchi is Coming To Apple Arcade
The project is looking quite ambitious for a mobile game.
03/25/19 Coming This Week, 3/25/19
This week is PACKED, y'all.
03/25/19 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is Available For Free Today Only
Sign up for Bethesda.net and get a free game!
03/25/19 WorldEnd Syndrome coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch in North America on May 2nd
Visual novel fans in the west have more reason to be excited this spring.
03/25/19 Bonds of the Skies Now Available on the Nintendo Switch
KEMCO hasn’t run out of RPGs to publish on the Switch quite yet.
03/25/19 Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus The Awakening of Golden Jazz Coming to the West on May 16th
The popular series that rarely sees a localization will get another shot in North America.
03/25/19 Zenos yae Galvus coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as DLC
Nothing cuts like Garlean steel.
03/25/19 Zanki Zero Demo Available March 26th
Check out Spike Chunsoft's new RPG adventure.
03/24/19 How to Sing to Open Your Heart Review
And other musical miracles.
03/23/19 Twitch Sunday: Suikoden II
This game approved by 97% of users rating it on Google.
03/23/19 Crystar Receives Western Release Date
More RPG goodness from Spike Chunsoft coming this summer.
03/23/19 Retro Encounter 180: Kingdom Hearts III Spoilercast
May your heart be your guiding key.
03/23/19 Dancer Job, Hrothgar Race, and More Coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
From yesterday's Fan Festival keynote.
03/23/19 Atlus Reveals Persona 5: The Royal
And with the reveal, more questions!
03/23/19 Check Out A Freshly Alchemized Batch of Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Screenshots
And two new trailers, to boot!
03/22/19 New Yakuza Title Announced for PS4, Yakuza 5 HD Gets a Release Date in Japan
New Yakuza entry, new protagonist!
03/22/19 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Announced, Coming to PS4, XB1, and PC
The great World of Darkness RPG is getting a sequel.
03/22/19 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party BloodCovered Sound Collection Vol.2 Review
And now for some pleasant listening.
03/22/19 Judgment's Western Release Date Unaffected by Pierre Taki Scandal, Actor's Likeness Being Adjusted
An update on the bizarre saga of Pierre Taki.
03/22/19 AI: The Somnium Files Launches Worldwide in July
A new trailer was also revealed during GDC!
03/22/19 Telltale's The Walking Dead Concludes with "Take Us Back" on March 26th
A physical copy of the entire final season will also release on the same day.
03/21/19 Square Enix Looks Back At Final Fantasy IX With New Developer Diary
An interesting, wry retrospective awaits!
03/21/19 Take A Late Night Drive in Neo Cab for Nintendo Switch
The Uber simulator you never knew you wanted.
03/20/19 Open-World Adventure Game "Pine" Coming to Nintendo Switch This August
A gorgeous indie adventure is on its way.
03/20/19 Cadence of Hyrule Blends Zelda Action with Crypt of the Necrodancer
Move to the beat and save Hyrule in this brand new experience!
03/20/19 The Stillness of the Wind Review
Realistic farming? In my video game?
03/20/19 Persona 5 "PlayStation Hits" Edition Releasing April 2019
The hit JRPG returns with a discounted price.
03/20/19 Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy Available Now for PS4, Switch
03/19/19 Square Enix And Kung Fu Tea Reveal Final Fantasy Inspired Drink
With a taste so good, you can't help but laugh!
03/19/19 AI-LIMIT Announced For PlayStation 4
A new Action RPG for you Sci-Fi fans!
03/19/19 Final Fantasy XV Gets One Last Active Time Report on March 26th
The stream will focus on Episode Ardyn and the novel.
03/19/19 Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mistover Announced
Brave the Mists on PC and Switch this Summer.
03/19/19 Final Fantasy IX Switch Review
You don't need a reason to review your favourite games!
03/19/19 Kingdom Hearts III's Co-Director Gives Update on Critical Mode
For those cruising for a bruising.
03/19/19 New System Shock 3 Footage Unveiled At GDC 2019
Oh, right, this is happening.
03/18/19 New Villains Take The Stage in Octopath Traveler: Conquerors Of The Continent
No matter who wins, we lose.
03/18/19 Dragon Star Varnir Comes to PlayStation 4 This Summer
I know "witch" game I'll be picking up!
03/18/19 Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant DLC Update Launches on PC This Month
The free update adds a ton of new content to the game.
03/18/19 WorldEnd Syndrome Releases in June for Europe
A bonus is available for people who pre-order or buy early!
03/18/19 Gearbox Software Teases Impending Borderlands 3 Reveal
Mark your calendars for the upcoming announcement!
03/18/19 Dragon Quest XI S Receives a Retro Inspired Mode, Additional Story and More
The definitive edition offers a trip back through time.
03/18/19 Coming This Week, 3/18/19
Every buddy celebrate this week in games!
03/18/19 God Eater 3 Review
Venture into the Ashlands and sate your monstrous appetite.
03/17/19 Retro Encounter 179: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Part I
Enemy at the Gades
03/17/19 Twitch Sunday: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
FUS RO ... you know the rest.
03/16/19 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Launches on May 24th for Nintendo Switch
A Deluxe Edition to boot!
03/16/19 Unannounced Vanillaware Title Teased in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
A beautiful new fantasy title looks to be in the works!
03/16/19 Sega Halts Sales of Judgment in Japan Following Pierre Taki's Drug-Related Arrest
The actor's other media roles will reportedly be recast.
03/15/19 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Deploying in Japan This Fall
From no-show to showstopper.
03/15/19 RPGFan Music of the Year 2018 ~ Special Feature
Don't call it a comeback (but it is).
03/15/19 RPGFan Music: Octopath Traveler OST Review
Some of the finest music around.
03/14/19 Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Gets New Story Trailer
An epic adventure with chibi proportions.
03/14/19 2D Pixel-art Hack-and-Slash "The Slormancer" announced
ExSLOR dungeons across a medieval fantasy realm
03/13/19 Retro Review: Pokémon Colosseum
This series hasn't always been exactly the same!
03/12/19 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Free Edition Available For Download Now
Fight with a rotating roster of iconic characters.
03/12/19 Final Fantasy Offers Something For Everybody in New Video
There are a lot of Final Fantasy games to look forward to!
03/12/19 Destiny Connect Freezes Time in Fall 2019
Party like it's 1999 on either PS4 or Switch.
03/12/19 Lapis X Labyrinth Gets New Trailer, Release Date
From the recent NISA livestream.
03/12/19 CrossCode Coming To Xbox One in 2019, Playable at Upcoming GDC
More indie titles for more platforms!
03/12/19 Netflix Announces Dragon's Dogma Animated Series
Hopefully, another masterwork.
03/12/19 Stories: The Path of Destinies Arriving on Xbox One Later This Month
Choose your own path, your own adventure!
03/12/19 Divinity: Original Sin II Confirmed To Have New Content Updates Patched Throughout 2019
All for free!
03/12/19 Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen Announced for 2020
Who could imagine a PlayStation Vita game coming out in 2020?
03/12/19 Demon Gaze II Review
Gaze to you.
03/11/19 The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Confirmed For Western Release by NIS America
Pre-order now to get some neat paper dolls!
03/11/19 New 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Videos Showcase Character Animations
It's alive!
03/11/19 New Ni no Kuni II DLC Trailer Gives a Glimpse at The Tale of a Timeless Tome
Tome sweet tome.
03/11/19 Coming This Week, 3/11/19
Agent Dale Cooper, reporting!
03/11/19 Random Encounter 160 - Hope and Promise in the Future
While one game struggles to get it together, at least we have the rest of 2019 to look forward to!
03/10/19 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey Review
You sure you haven't missed a game out, Nintendo? No?
03/10/19 Digital Pre-orders for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Now Open
Obtain nifty bonuses with your hand-earned dollars.
03/10/19 Check Out The Latest Trailer for Shenmue III from MAGIC 2019
It's training time!
03/09/19 Twitch Sunday: A Link to the Past
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Twitch programming...
03/08/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 8 - 3/8/2019
Manage a tavern, battle evil with the power of music, and more!
03/08/19 Octopath Traveler Prequel Game Headed to Mobile Phones
Plus, hints of a new console game!
03/08/19 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party BloodCovered Sound Collection Vol.1 Review
Spooky tunes!
03/08/19 Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Announced
Explore a dying planet and sharpen your typing skills at the same time!
03/08/19 Judgment Receives Western Release Date, Two Exciting New Trailers
The upcoming title from Ryu ga Gotoku Studios certainly isn't pulling any punches!
03/08/19 The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Announced for PS4, Switch and PC
Remastered at a breakneck pace.
03/07/19 Retro Encounter 178: Dances with Wolf Team
Scent and a sound / I'm lost and I'm found
03/06/19 Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster Delayed For Japanese Audiences
Quality is the name of the game!
03/06/19 Eastshade Review
Earn some money and discover the world with painting!
03/06/19 Square Enix Releases Two New Screenshots from Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn
I don't see Yozora anywhere in these!
03/06/19 Deep Silver and Nine Dots' Realistic RPG Outward Gets New Dev Diary Video
Utilize strategy to survive every battle.
03/06/19 The Real Worlds of Kingdom Hearts: A Travel Guide for History Buffs
The inspirations behind several of the worlds that have hosted Sora and co.
03/05/19 Fight to Survive in Square Enix's Left Alive, Available Now
The Front Mission spin-off is now available for purchase.
03/05/19 Death end re;Quest Review
What's with video games and their semicolon obsession?
03/05/19 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Releasing in Japan this Fall
New artwork also reveals a spooky future for this "night of monsters."
03/04/19 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Tales of Vesperia
Closing the book on one of the series' most memorable adventures.
03/04/19 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Gets New Expansion on March 28th
A Blood Moon rises...
03/04/19 Edge of Eternity Gets New Screenshots from Chapter II Update
Explore the great plains with your giant kitty companions!
03/04/19 Coming This Week, 3/4/19
I feel so alive!
03/04/19 Left Alive Off to a Rocky Start in Japan
On the plus side, it's discounted?
03/03/19 Enjoy New Screenshots and a Trailer for Darksiders III's "The Crucible" DLC
For glory!
03/03/19 Our World is Ended Releasing in Europe April 18th
Play the Game within the Game.
03/03/19 Dippin' Dots Teams with Square Enix for Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, Offers New Flavors
Enter to win a flock of cool prizes!
03/03/19 Anthem Review
BioWare's big gamble is here. Does it pay off?
03/03/19 Check Out The Latest Gameplay Trailer for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Finally, an RPG where I can use the bathroom! Wait...
03/01/19 The Caligula Effect: Overdose Gets New Trailer Focused on "The Ostinato Musicians"
Take a walk on the evil side.
03/01/19 Twitch Saturday: God Eater 3 (Co-Op) & Sunday: Dragon's Crown Pro (Co-Op)
Two days, twice the co-op!
03/01/19 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Getting Free Version This March
A good opportunity to try out this hectic fighter.
03/01/19 Kingdom Hearts-The Story so Far- Is Being Reprinted, Coming to Canada, Latin America, and Europe
Looking to watch up on Kingdom Hearts? Now's your chance.
03/01/19 Spike Chunsoft Details Localization Changes for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Don't worry, nothing of value has been lost.
03/01/19 RPGFan Music: SINoALICE OST Review
03/01/19 Square Enix, Bridal Hearts Now Offering Final Fantasy XIV Wedding in Japan
Take an oath to your union, if you've got the cash.
03/01/19 Stardew Valley Coming To Android Devices In Early March
Virtual farming made ultra portable!
03/01/19 Ace Attorney Trilogy Pre-load Available Now on Nintendo Switch
Full game available April 9th.

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