Category Awards | RPGFan Games of the Year 2019 Best Localization of 2019: Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
Best Localization of 2019

Though Final Fantasy XIV has always boasted a pretty fantastic localization, Shadowbringers still had to be a lofty task. After all, alongside new races and characters, Urianger has a major role in the expansion's story, and his "thee"s and "thou"s are enough to keep any localization team busy. All joking aside, Shadowbringers feels perfectly polished in every aspect; it helps that the Warrior of Li — err, Darkness has much more flavourful options than stoic nods this time around. Worry not, though, the puns that made Koji Fox famous haven't gone anywhere. And you can always take a break from the main scenario to participate in some open-world FATEs in Lakeland where the goblins will talk smack about your glamour. Because they're ones to judge...right?

by Liz Maas

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Best Localization Runner-Up of 2019: Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Best Localization of 2019: Runner-Up

The localization in the Dragon Quest series never lacks for flavor, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 keeps up the tradition. Each of the game's major islands has a general type of dialect — the rough-n-tumble miners of Khumbul-Dun all have a roughly Australian way of speaking, the kingdom of Moonbrooke is populated by soldiers and a King speaking "proper" English, a few ship captains speak in "Pirate," everyone's favorite soldier is like, totally a California valley girl, and there's even a character who speaks in Polari, for crying out loud. Most RPG fans understand localization isn't ever about a pure, direct translation alone, but rather making sure the localized text retains the intent, meaning, and juicy flavors of the original. Once again, Dragon Quest delivers dialogue that's constantly a delight. As Britney would say, it's totally lit, fam.

by Mike Salbato

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Best Localization of 2019: Readers' Choice

Best Localization of 2019: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III and Fire Emblem: Three Houses

After the disaster that was Ys VIII's release, many were worried about NISA's localization of a Trails game, especially given how important the script is in those games. But you've spoken: Trails of Cold Steel III has the best localization of the year. Once again, Fire Emblem came up just short, which is a pattern in this year's Readers' Choice.

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