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    Are there any super busted characters in the games we enjoy that you just can’t stop using despite how broken they are? Thought I’d share some of mine and am interested in hearing yours.

    Peter (Shining Force 2): Anyone who’s played this classic Sega Genesis srpg will remember Peter. He’s a powerful bird that can dish out an incredible amount of damage. Great damage isn’t his only selling point. Two other selling points are his resistance to blaze and the fact he auto-revives himself if he falls in battle what with being a phoenix afterall. I always associate this bird with the Shining Force in that game.

    Dancers (Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War): In your standard FE experience the dancer class grants an extra turn to any unit. What makes them busted in the fourth installment is the class got upgraded to allow 4 units to move again. This is similar to heron laguz when transformed. I can’t stress how much this class is a life saver in fe4 since allowing my 4 strongest units to move again like Sigurd is crazy. Despite being a foot class in the most mount dominant game in the series the dancer class rocks and they’re also ideal candidates for the knight ring.

    Edgar and Sabin (Final Fantasy Vi): My memory is a little hazy on Final Fantasy VI so clarify this one if you disagree with me. I always enjoyed using the Figaro brothers in battle. Edgar’s tool abilities I found to be great for crowd control early on in the game to the point his bow and bio blast could clear random encounters in a small amount of turns. Good single target damage with drill and chainsaw. Sabin was a solid combatant too and I loved inputting his blitz commands.

    Excadrill (Pokemon series): This ground/steel pokemon is popular in speedruns for good reason. Boasting sky high attack, good hp and faster than a lot of pokemon in game. As Drilbur it learns rock slide a couple levels before evolving and usually has access to dig around that time. A big plus is it often learns earthquake much earlier than other ground types such as Krookodile. If that wasn’t enough it can sweep entire teams with hone claws and eventually sword dance. My ground type of choice while travelling through the Unova and Galar regions.

    Hope you guys enjoyed my picks and am interested in hearing yours!

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