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    Emony TjanEmony Tjan

    If you’ve been paying attention to Suikoden circles, the original creator and some of the creative team from that franchise have Kickstarted Eiyuden Chronicle, a spiritual successor!

    I’m an enormous Suikoden fan. I used to moderate the Interactive Fan Fiction boards on The Rebel Hideout and spent countless hours playing through the first two and fifth games. III and IV have never warmed me the way the others did, but I’m not really here to discuss that. What I *am* here to talk about is how excited I am for Eiyuden! Not only has it thoroughly broken all of its stretch goal threshholds (they’ve added more goals since), but it’s well on its way to $3,000,000 USD in startup funds, which will plonk them in the top 10 most-funded KS games.

    The thing that has me the most excited is the choice to go with 2D sprites. I always felt like 3D kinda wasn’t good for Suikoden. And given how good Octopath traveler looked, I’m stoked to see how Murayama and his team employ that visual aesthetic here.

    How about you guys? Excited?


    I am very much looking forward to this game. If my finances permit, I’ll give it my support.


    I backed it. I keep vacillating on which pledge tier I want to be at, but they’re at least getting some of my money.

    Michael SollosiMichael Sollosi

    I backed it on a relatively cheap tier. I’m excited for what this game might be and I’ll definitely play it once it’s available, but I don’t need anything fancy beyond a copy of the game.


    The forums are back! Hooray!

    This game looks impressive so far and the Kickstarter was smash hit. Hopefully this one turns out better than other Kickstarter funded games (I’m looking at you Mighty No. 9).


    Looks really cool! I love the graphics too.

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