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    I was just wondering if anyone knows how comparable the older Fire Emblem games are to Three Houses?
    Which ones would you recommend an in which order?
    I’ve just started to get back into RPGs after playing them when I was younger so I want to catch up on the good ones :))


    In a lot of ways Three Houses is a spiritual successor to Seisen No Keifu/Genealogy of the Holy War for the Super Famicom. FE4 had a story and game mechanic called holy blood which is very similar to the crest system in Three Houses where characters with major blood or crests able to wield holy weapons. Additionally there’s a halfway point time skip in both games.

    As for other older games I’d recommend Awakening because many skills that appear in Three Houses debuted in that game like the breaker skills. Lastly Echoes might be up for consideration since many combat arts debuted in that game and reappear in Three Houses. Characters also learn spells via level up similar to Gaiden and Echoes.


    Three Houses has a lot of mechanics that aren’t present in a number of the older games. Awakening and Fates would probably be the best place to start if you haven’t played any of the others, and then you can work your way through the rest. Be forewarned though that everything prior to the 2003 GBA Fire Emblem (the first released outside of Japan, aka Rekka no Ken, aka The Burning Blade) is quite difficult.


    I have horror stories with chapter 7 of Binding Blade. That level punishes you with crazy ambush spawns if you’re too slow.

    I do feel some parts of Genealogy of the Holy War are lenient. You can save at the beginning of every turn, some major holy blood users really carry the game like Sigurd, you can’t die in arena fights and villages aren’t instantly razed if attacked.

    Never did beat Thracia 776 though. Only got 1/3rd of the way through.

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