Perfect Collection Ys I•II Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu


Review by · December 27, 2005

Released as part of the 4th run of “Falcom Millenium Series” albums, this two disc set was technically a reprint, but split up in a different way. It took the first disc from Perfect Collection Ys and paired it with the first disc from Perfect Collection Ys II: which, not so coincidentally, were arranged entirely by Mr. Ryo Yonemitsu. Hence the name “Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu.”

Falcom also printed another album of the “disc 2″s of the PCs, but that album did not sell as well and has become virtually impossible to find. However, this album is still fairly easy to find. If you need an idea of how the music is, listen to the samples or read the separate reviews for the Perfect Collections. If you haven’t realized it yet, realize it now: Ryo Yonemitsu is a mastermind. This music is proof.

This review is being posted mostly for informational purposes, since it’s all reprint material. But, if you haven’t heard any of this music yet, this print is the most widely available version, so you better get on it now. It’s a good place to start your absolutely necessary Falcom music collection.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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