Super Robot Taisen α Original Score I ~Sky Chapter~


Review by · January 17, 2007

While the Alpha Complete Sound Track is somewhat enjoyable, it was missing the character theme songs, which is a big letdown, considering those portions of the songs I tend to find most enjoyable. However, there were three albums released that contained the character themes featured in the game, along with some of the original music featured in the OST, scattered throughout the three albums. Along with this, there are also a lot of vocal songs included, mainly being remixes of a character or a field theme. A lot of the vocal songs include drama bits, and there are a few that are pure drama. Since I do not understand Japanese, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the drama bits at all, but for fans who understand them, I am sure it is a nice touch. This album is Original Score I ~Sky Chapter~.

It has a rough start, beginning with a weak vocal song (more coverage on vocals in a bit), then it follows up with various field and scenery music. Some are familiar ones that I’ve heard in other games, and some remain new to me, keeping things fresh. Among those songs, I mainly enjoyed the ones that were offered in the beginning. “Sorrowful Memory” and “Vanishing Trooper” are my personal favorites among the bunch. “Vanishing Trooper” is a hardcore song that sounds like you’re in the midst of an intense fight, while “Sorrowful Memory” is a much softer, elegant song meant to stir some emotion, like the title implies. “Emptied Muzzle,” “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “For the Sake of This Star’s Tomorrow” are also noteworthy listens in their own right.

The meat of this soundtrack comes from the vocal songs, and they were greatly enjoyable overall. The drama bits were in the way here and there, but the song themselves are lengthy enough to remain enjoyable.

Starting off with the good stuff, “White Steel Angel Valcyon R” was the best vocal in my opinion. Solid melody, strong vocalist bringing intensity to the song, plus the chorus is super-catchy. A great service to Ryuune (or Lune in the English games) and her Valcyon. My second favorite is “Calm Crystal Blue” which is a very serene song with a lot of elegance to it. The vocalist was very soothing, complementing the enchanting melody well. There were moments when I thought the song went a bit too intense and the guitar usage was a bit overdone, but enjoyable and relaxing nonetheless, and I thought the song was perhaps too boring/mellow at times. “Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster” is a good remix to Masaki’s theme, and the edgy feeling to it worked out well. The main problem is that it felt there was more drama than singing, but while it sucks for me, it’s a treat for Japanese fans.

For the vocals that are mediocre, I was not big “Blast Fight!” for starters. The vocalist was pretty good and the melody works, but I was unable to get into it. It lacked the engagement that the other three had on me, but it’s still a cool listen, just was not the best in my opinion. “Mio’s Jongara Song” gave me mixed feelings. I was not big on the high-pitched vocalist, but it strangely works with the rock and roll melody (with Chinese flavor), so it was pulled off well, just lacks appeal to me. Upon recent discovery, this remix of a character theme song is in fact from a little girl, so the style makes a lot more sense, but still not big on it.

Moving on to the darkest side, the only vocal song I didn’t like was the very first one “Enraged Spirits+Alpha.” The basic problem is that the vocals and melody do not blend well together. The melody itself is very funky and high-tech while the vocalist sounds like an old man. I find it awkward in the end: it failed to win me over.

It is only the beginning of the original score trilogy, and I am already enjoying myself. Personally, I am not big on remix or special soundtracks and all that, usually liking to stick with originals, though there have been a number of exceptions. This became one of the exceptions after listening through the soundtrack several times. There is more to look forward to in the later albums. Give this album a listen for the time being.

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