Review: YU-NO is Finally Out Worldwide, and the Wait was Worthwhile

This seminal visual novel is worthy of the hype.

10.08.19 - 5:30 PM

YU-NO Screenshot

YU-NO is a name visual novel fans will be very familiar with. Released on the PC-98 in 1996, then ported to Windows and the Sega Saturn the following year, the game has never officially left Japan. Those who have played it have heralded it as one of the best visual novels ever. 23 years later, and MAGES. Inc. and Spike Chunsoft have made the impossible possible: YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. (that's a mouthful) is out in the West, and in Neal Chandran's eyes, it's brilliant. To find out more, check out his review of the game right here!

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