Review: The Outer Worlds is an Example of Excellence on a Planetary Scale

The Fallout: New Vegas successor we deserve.

10.23.19 - 12:37 PM

The Outer Worlds Screenshot

To many, Obsidian Entertainment worked on one of the best Fallout games - Fallout: New Vegas. Since then, they've made many hits from South Park: The Stick of Truth to the Pillars of Eternity series (not forgetting their pre-Fallout output either!). But The Outer Worlds is a return to the Bethesda RPG formula, and a after Fallout 76, we really deserve a good one of these. Fortunately, according to Jonathan Logan, The Outer Worlds is just that - really, really good. You can read his glowing review of the game right here!

The Outer Worlds is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One (psst, and Xbox Game Pass) and Microsoft Windows on October 25th, with a Switch port due in the future.

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