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Review: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is Still a BioWare Classic, but the Switch May Not Be the Best Fit

Still excellent, if you can look past the blemishes!

01.14.20 - 5:39 PM

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Screenshot

Neverwinter Nights was another game in BioWare's early career that showed the company at their very best. Their knack for creating gorgeous worlds and writing excellent dialogue was apparent way back in 2002. The game is so beloved that in 2018, Beamdog brought PC players the Enhanced Edition, and just last December, console gamers also got the chance to experience this classic. Greg Delmage tried out the Switch port of this gem, and while many of us often beg for ports to this hybrid console, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition certainly doesn't rank among the best, and the game's age is beginning to show.

Yet even with the console port's issues, Greg still had a good time with it! To find out more, you should check out his review of the game right here!

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