Review: Get Two Classic Strategy RPGs in One With Langrisser I & II

See where the series began.

03.15.20 - 6:45 PM

 Langrisser I & II Screenshot

Langrisser is a classic Strategy RPG series that burst onto the scene in 1991, and remained a genre mainstay of the '90s. Well, in Japan at least. Only the first title officially made its way over here, instead known as Warsong. It took until 2016's Re:Incarnation Tensei, and the mobile game of 2019 to see this series official reach the West again.

Until now, at least. Last week, NIS America launched the remasters of Langrisser I & II. With updated graphics and artwork, this is the most accessible way to play the first game, and the first time we get to experience the sequel! That rings true for Audra Bowling, who took a crack at them, and found them to be challenging and rewarding, if showing their age at certain times. You can find her review of Langrisser I & II right here to prepare you if you're looking to get sucked into yet another enthralling Strategy RPG experience!

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