Review: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.2 Goes Under the Sea (again), Fights a Gundam, and Sings a Song of Ice and Fire

Broken, faded, how long I have waited to open my eyes.

03.22.20 - 7:18 PM

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Screenshot

Okay, how many times do we need to tell you that Shadowbringers is fantastic? Since Caitlin Argyros' last review journal entry, we awarded the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion our 2019 Game of the Year award! Its second patch, Echoes of a Fallen Star, dropped last month, and Caitlin has been waist-deep in everything the update has to offer. And it sounds like, if you're itching to get into the Final Fantasy VII Remake mood, there might be a trial series just for you.

To hear more about what patch 5.2 offers, you should read Caitlin's deep dive right here!

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