Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond Review: The Tales Are More Human Than Celestian, But That's What Makes it Unique

Pretty artwork within a political narrative.

05.19.20 - 4:58 PM

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond Screenshot

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond is the sequel to a 2015 RPG that was met with a mixed reception. Focusing on six characters, the draw of the first game was seeing the story unfold through the perspective of each different character. The sequel builds on that and presents a highly detailed world focused on politics. It packs a lot in for a short run-time that can feel overwhelming, but does it improve in other areas?

Here to tell us is Audra Bowling, who praises this sequel for telling a mature story with a lot of depth and personal growth. Find out more by reading Audra's review of Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond!

(Also, when is there ever an RPG character called Alana? Extra points for that from me.)

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