The Revenant Prince Comes to PC This Summer

Playing with time is a treacherous sport in the first offering from Nomina Games.

05.28.20 - 8:35 PM

How will you spend your time if your life never ends? The Revenant Prince explores this concept in the form of a retro RPG. Players work to save the world with the ability to control time, and encounter strange creatures and potential friends along the way.

The Revenant Prince Screenshot

As Troy, a young prince who narrowly escapes death and discovers his ability to bend time to his will, players are guided by a mysterious voice who offers them many choices - some good, some questionable. The decisions made are irreversible and influence the outcome of the game. Troy has the chance to be a literal god, and the player's choices will determine if he is a benevolent or malevolent deity.

Check out the trailer here:

The Revenant Prince is a single-player campaign with time-based battles. The mix of pixelated and painterly styles makes the art look unique and very old-school. The game is coming to PC sometime in 2020.

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