Death Connection OST
Catalog Number: MDMACD-4
Released On: March 3, 2010
Composed By: Yuki Sugiura
Arranged By: Heinrich von Ofterdingen
Published By: Muzzle Duzzle Musik Allerlei
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Death Connection
03 - One Handful 1000 Money
04 - Vicious
05 - Luciano
06 - Nicole
07 - Gloria
08 - Joshua
09 - Leonard
10 - Medicis
11 - Jean
12 - Amelia
13 - Pick-Up
14 - Rainy City
15 - Comedy
16 - No-ise
17 - Impatience
18 - Long Distance
19 - Death Connection MARK2
20 - Revenge
21 - Strategy
22 - Call!
23 - My Friend
24 - Death
25 - Wipe Away Your Tears
26 - Memories -in the rain-
27 - I Miss You
28 - xxxKISS
29 - Church
30 - Pray -Happy Christmas Time-
31 - Anxious Eyes
32 - Smoke
33 - Gallery
Total Time:

I had pegged Yuki Sugiura (and, by extension, the band Heinrich von Ofterdingen) as having a distinct sound and specialized style. I had best not try to narrowly scope people into specific musical categories anymore.

The goth/punk rock sounds of Heinrich von Ofterdingen are, generally, not to be found on the Death Connection soundtrack. Death Connection is a graphic adventure title, import-only, with a visual style that suggests a mix of rural (country) sounds with sleek, leather (jazz) aesthetic. So it's no surprise that, musically, what we get is something akin to Cowboy Bebop. Country Western meets Jazz.

The title track is a recorded instrumental piece that has that awesome "spaghetti Western" sound to it. The guitar part is awesome. It's also a far cry from previous soundtracks, like Spectral Gene, which were hard industrial rock. The next track, a vocal piece called "Breakthrough," has a distinct dance jazz sound to it. The big band-style horns are a great addition, and having male and female vocalists singing one octave apart sounds really hip in this context.

After these two tracks, much of what you'll hear is MIDI (sequenced) music. Some of it sounds fairly real, but there are others that you wouldn't have been surprised to hear in an adventure/RPG 8 to 10 years ago. Outside of the character themes early on the disc, there isn't a lot that stands out, or could be described as "memorable," for the OST. It becomes functional for the most part.

A few more vocal tracks appear on the disc. A strange one that I fell in love with was the fully English Christmas song (track 30). Intentionally tongue-in-cheek, sentimental lyrics about Christmas-time from a Japanese person's perspective? I've never before had such a strange cultural re-education than when I heard this song. Christmas music in Japanese video games always weird me out, but this one does so to the tenth power. Bravo, Sugiura-san.

Overall, L2 ~Love x Loop~ remains my favorite soundtrack from Sugiura. But I think Death Connection shows his versatility. Fans of obscure game music, of graphic adventure soundtracks, and of Heinrich von Ofterdingen will want to check this out.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann