Detective Saburo Jinguji Innocent Black - and for the memory of 15th Anniversary

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Catalog Number: KOLA-003
Released On: November 20, 2002
Composed By: Hasemi Daichi, Katsuhiko Nakamichi, Shisiza
Arranged By: Hasemi Daichi, Katsuhiko Nakamichi, Shisiza
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Scene of Murder (Opening Theme)
02 - Interval (Title Screen)
03 - Dark Detective I (Investigation)
04 - Missing Moon (Yoko's Theme)
05 - Calm Life (Office (Usual))
06 - Blue Life (Office (Gloomy))
07 - Violet Cocktail (Kasumi Bar)
08 - Dark Detective II (Investigation)
09 - Mysterious Key (Getting Information)
10 - Loose Truth (Reasoning)
11 - Black Wind (A Rapid Development)
12 - Sunny Girl (Hazuki's Theme)
13 - Blue Constellation (Sadness)
14 - Mad Malice (Evil Theme)
15 - Mineral Gray Eyes (Animosity)
16 - Risky Room (Tension)
17 - Platinum Rose (Toko's Theme)
18 - Dark Detective III (Investigation)
19 - Sepia Mind (Sadness)
20 - Silver Glow (Shock)
21 - Lucid Fear (Terror Theme)
22 - Cold Fear (Terror Theme)
23 - Snow City (Sadness Theme)
24 - Broken Buddy (Parting Theme)
25 - Silent Passion (Anger Theme)
26 - Face Death (Duel)
27 - Bitter Diary (Climax)
28 - Say Good Bye (Parting Theme)
29 - Tender Snow (Ending Theme)
30 - Black Coffee Rag (Case Book Mystery)
31 - Silent Shadow 2 - from "End of Dreams"
32 - Indigo Ashtray - from "Before Light Goes Out"
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This 2002 Jinguji Saburo soundtrack commemorates the 15th anniversary of the detective series, as well as the "Innocent Black" installment. It comes out fighting with "Scene of Murder," a fast-paced opening with a killer descending bassline. The soundtrack then continues on with the urban, smoky, lounge jazz style compositions with plenty of smooth piano and saxophone usage. The sound quality on the CD is quite good and all the instruments have great clarity within their arrangements.

Like other Jinguji Saburo soundtracks I've listened to, jazz is the genre of choice. The pacing of the music is also quite leisurely, but the majority of tracks are under 3 minutes long. The urban jazz styled music of classic detective and film noir movies is a trademark of Jinguji Saburo, and this soundtrack definitely fits the bill. However, I have yet to hear the series' music break out of its compositional comfort zone. Jazz music is very adventurous music fitting for complex detective adventures, and the music presented here is quite safe. The opening track grabbed my attention right away, then the soundtrack faded after that. I would call this soundtrack competent, but largely unmemorable. The music seems like it would punctuate the scenes and events in the game very well, but is a bit flat when taken outside the context of the game.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran