Endless Frontier & Endless Frontier EXCEED Complete Soundtrack
Catalog Number: NBGI-00013
Released On: February 25, 2010
Composed By: Salamander Factory, Various
Arranged By: Salamander Factory
Published By: Bandai Namco Games
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Where Endless "Time" Crosses
02 - All Correct!
04 - Flawless Dream of the Full Moon Skies
05 - Dance-Battle-All-Night
06 - More! Dance-Battle-All-Night
07 - Arisu in Fluxtown
08 - The Trail to Victory
11 - Steel Beowulf
12 - Platinum Lucifer
14 - I am the Elusive Koma!
15 - We're the Sirena Pirates
19 - A Mirage Called Tranquility
20 - Just a Little Rest
21 - That's Lost Memory
22 - The Whereabouts of Impatience
23 - Lost Heritage
24 - Uninvited Stranger
25 - Perpetual Edifice
26 - Flawless Dream
27 - Messengers of Kagura's Moon
28 - Land of Twilight
29 - Mechanical Illusions
30 - Feast of the Puppets
31 - A Voice Desiring Chaos
32 - Alchemist of Swaying Heart
33 - Fighter's Expectations
34 - Detestable Visitor (Ver.EF)
35 - Until This, And From This On
36 - An Still Unknown Endless Frontier
37 - Where Endless "Time" Crosses (Orche)
38 - Exceedingly Near, in a World Endlessly Far
39 - Where Endless "Time" Crosses (Ver.SP)
40 - All Correct! (Ver.SP)
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Where Endless "Time" Was Exceeded
02 - Crimson Asura
03 - Roar, Supreme Destroyer (Ver.EF EXCEED)
04 - Fairy Rom-Antic
05 - Fairy Rom-Antic GO!
07 - Alchemist of Swaying Heart (Ver.EF EXCEED)
08 - Exceedingly Near, in a World Endlessly Far (Short)
09 - All Correct! (Ver.EF EXCEED)
10 - OK? All Correct!
11 - Flawless Dream of the Full Moon Skies (Ver.EF EXCEED)
12 - Moon Flower Brilliance
14 - ASH TO ASH Burst
15 - Dance-Battle-All-Night (Ver.EF EXCEED)
16 - Still More! Dance-Battle-All-Night
17 - Brave New World
18 - Arisu in Fluxtown (Ver.EF EXCEED)
19 - The Trail to Victory (Ver.EF EXCEED)
22 - BURN NOW!
23 - Again! I am the Elusive Koma!
24 - H.U.N.T.E.R.
25 - Championless Battleground
26 - In the Interval of War
27 - Flowercraft Beauty
28 - Sleeping Corridor
29 - Banquet of Carnage
30 - Deep Ground
31 - Elegy for the Hunters
32 - A Poor Bet on the Odds
33 - Silent Stage
34 - Spine-Chilling Eulogy
35 - A Call from the Abyss
36 - Frightening Melody
37 - Agrado-heim
38 - A Distant Battle, the Curtain Rises (Ver.EF EXCEED)
39 - Machine Soul ~ A Miracle Called IMPACT POWER
40 - Where Endless "Time" Was Exceeded (Orche)
41 - Oh People, Oh World
43 - Where Endless "Time" Was Exceeded (Ver.SP)
44 - Crimson Asura (Ver.SP)
Total Time:

We are now so many levels removed from the source, I am painfully confused.

Before even talking about the music, let's just go over the history of "Endless Frontier." In the early '90s, a company called Banpresto created the "Super Robot Taisen (Wars)" franchise. All they did was cross over dozens of mecha anime classics into individual installments of a Strategy RPG, and with each subsequent installment, introduce a few original characters as the protagonists.

As time passed, Banpresto created so many original characters for their Super Robot Taisen series that they were able to make full games based on the interactions of the original characters. Thus, the "Super Robot Taisen Original Generation" spin-off was born. This in itself was something of a miracle: a story that lived and breathed on using already-popular characters was making headway with its own cast. Wow!

At the same time, somewhere else in the land of videogames, Monolith Software (creators of Xenosaga) developed their own crossover strategy RPG called "Namco x Capcom." I bet you can guess whose company's characters were included in that game. Of course, this game had its own pair of protagonists.

"Endless Frontier" didn't seem to be designed, at first, as a brand. It was a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off, and it even changed the rules of the gameplay. No longer were we working with a pure Strategy RPG. These were one-on-one person encounters (instead of mechs) with a nice mix of turn-based and action-based combat. The cast? The original characters from Original Generation, plus original characters from other crossover games, and some established characters as well (hi2u, KOS-MOS). The game had different names in different regions, but it was something along the lines of this: "Super Robot Taisen OG (Original Generation) x Saga: ENDLESS FRONTIER." Endless Frontier was the suffix.

But now, apparently, it's popular enough to become its own branding. Why do I say this? There's a sequel! And it's just being called "Endless Frontier EXCEED." Drop all that crap about Super Robot Wars and Original Generations and Sagas and other nonsense. We're just cutting the name from scratch and starting at "Endless Frontier." It's like the Dark Forces / Jedi Knight / Jedi Outcast fiasco. But stupider.

So this soundtrack is a promotional release for Japanese consumers who got EXCEED. This two disc set contains full OSTs for both of the Endless Frontier titles. Here we see that, on disc two, much of the original music written for the first game was used a second time, modified for the new game. But it's still a ton of music. And it's all very good, very catchy stuff.

And take note! EXCEED has an instrumental version of "Brave New World," the theme song to Namco x Capcom. WHAT IS GOING ON?! This whole concept is such a ridiculous head trip. But if you can let go of that and just enjoy the music, it's a great mix of synth plus [other genre] fusions. Synth rock. Synth pop. Synth dance. Synth orchestra. And it all sounds mighty good.

My conclusion? This one should've gotten a retail release. The CDs come as part of the overall limited edition box, but even within the box the soundtrack CDs aren't packaged as part of an official "soundtrack," but as discs sleeved within a booklet. Furthermore, the first game in this series had like, a 10-track bonus CD. But the first game's soundtrack is awesome, so I'm happy it got bundled in with the EXCEED OST.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann