Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS

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Catalog Number: SSCX-10047 (reprint SQEX-10035)
Released On: December 6, 2000 (reprint October 20, 2004)
Composed By: Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged By: Nobuo Uematsu, Shiro Hamaguchi, Tomoharu Hani, Kunihiko Kurosawa
Published By: DigiCube (reprint Square Enix)
Recorded At: Victor Studio, Sound Inn
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Brahne's Appearance ~ The Play Begins
02 - World Flags - Steiner Crashes
03 - Escape from Alexandria
04 - Prima Vista Crash
05 - The Petrification of Blank
06 - Black Mage vs Black Mage
07 - Breaking Through South Gate
08 - Arrival in Lindblum Kingdom
09 - Song ~ Zidane and Dagger
10 - Kuja Leaves Burmecia
11 - Summoned Beast Destroys Cleyra
12 - Lindblum in Flames
13 - Lindblum Annihilation
14 - The Disappearing Mist
15 - Dagger's Recollection (Village of the Summoners Destroyed)
16 - Recalling Bahamut
17 - Annihilation of Brahne's Fleet
18 - Birth of the New Queen
19 - Bahamut Raid
20 - Eiko Descends
21 - Alexander is Summoned
22 - Ghost Ship
23 - Rescuing Dagger
24 - Dagger Cuts Her Hair
25 - Dagger's Recollection (Ghost Ship)
26 - The Fall of Neo-Kuja
27 - Escape From Terra
28 - Zidane and Dagger Separate
29 - To the Origin of Kuja
30 - Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony - Millennium Version
31 - Doga and Une
32 - Daughter of Madain Sari
33 - Kuja's Theme - Millennium Version
Extra Tracks (not recorded in the FF IX)
34 - Main
35 - Waltz
36 - Kogaku Motet1
37 - Organum
38 - Mediterranean
39 - Dokokade3
40 - Weuber
41 - Kuja5
Bonus Track
42 - Melodies of Life (Silent Mix)
Total Time:

In Nobuo Uematsu's online diary at PlayOnline, he revealed that Final Fantasy IX would hold a total of about 160 tracks. However, later that month, information was released that the four-disc Final Fantasy IX OST would only contain approximately 110 tracks. What would happen to the rest of these tracks was anyone's guess, though many theorized that Square planned to make more money with some sort of Final Fantasy IX OST part 2...Well, this CD is it.

These tracks were actually pulled out of the original OST tracklist for one special reason, they were orchestrated. These were the songs that played during CG Sequences, with an exception here or there. Because most of these tracks are live recordings, this is about the closest there ever was to an FF IX Arranged CD. Note, however, the last few tracks are new tracks, arranged as such. Tracks 36-38 are known as the "Ancient Music" arrangements, featuring programming by "KALTA", who is well-known for his work in Xenogears: CREID. At the very end, there is this 7 minute version of Melodies of Life, which features few instruments and a calm feeling throughout. Of major notice is the piano, which gets a solo inbetween the last few chorus repeats. This is by far my favorite version of Melodies of Life out there today.

RPGFan's FF IX OST review also mentioned tracks found on previous Final Fantasy games. FF III (the NES one, not to be confused with VI) got a track on this CD, "Doga and Une". This was probably my favorite song from that FF, and it received an incredible remake on this CD as track 31. The track right before it was actually mentioned in the OST, though fans weren't sure if this song would be published on any other CD. The song comes directly from Final Fantasy VII, though the sound quality is minorly improved from the original version.

Because this is the "orchestrated" music, the finer stuff found on most OSTs, these songs are definitely my favorite. They have great dynamics, some songs are fast while others are slow, and you are left feeling in the mood for great orchestrated goodness. However, since these songs were for CG scenes, most of them are a minute or under. That's no reason not to buy this CD, though. If the FF IX OST let you down, and felt like it was missing something...this was that thing missing. Be sure to pick this up if you enjoy Uematsu's music at all. This CD can be purchased at many places, but I will once again mention Anime Nation for their great service and reasonable shipping.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann