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Retro Encounter 118 – Undertale

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Retro Encounter continues its January indie games month with a very special episode all about the 2015 smash hit Undertale! Undertale was programmed, written, and composed by a single creator, but it takes three Retro Encounter panelists to properly dissect this subversive cult favorite. This episode experienced some technical difficulties, so I apologize in advance for occasional lapses in audio quality.

Featuring: Chris Gebauer, Dom Kim, Rob Rogan

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Chris Gebauer

Chris Gebauer

Chris was part of RPGFan's news team from 2015-2019. During his tenure, Chris helped us keep timely news flowing to the front page as it happened and was a frequent Retro Encounter co-host. It's one of the harder jobs to maintain at a volunteer site, so his work was appreciated.

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