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Retro Encounter 158 – Mega Man Legends 2 Part I

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New islands, new robots, and new pirates are in store for our panelists as Mega Man Legends month continues. In our first episode on Mega Man Legends 2, the panelists go over the game’s multitude of improvements made to Mega Man Legends 2 as well as the characters and plot points encountered in the first two islands. We admire Mega Man Volnutt, but maybe not as much as Tron Bonne does, in today’s episode of Retro Encounter!

Featuring: Robert Fenner, Scott Clay, Mike Salbato

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Robert Fenner

Robert Fenner

Robert Fenner was a reviews editor until retiring in 2019. In his old age, he enjoys long walks in the countryside, 16-bit Shin Megami Tensei titles, and ranting incoherently on twitter that kids these days have no appreciation for Nihon Telenet games.

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