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Retro Encounter 162 – Golden Sun Part II

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It’s time for the Sun to set on this game journal and your three Adepts are back, back, back again with a second Golden Sun podcast! Come join us as we discuss solving colour-based puzzles while colourblind; try to figure out if this game was just a stealth remake of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; and fall in love with everyone’s favourite man-eating basement amphibian, Toadonpa!

Featuring: Leona McCallum, Keegan Lee, Tris Mendoza

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Leona McCallum

Leona McCallum

Leona first joined RPGFan as a Reviewer in 2011 before transitioning...into a Community Moderator overseeing the site's Forums and Discord Server. As a regular voice on Retro Encounter she can often be heard trying to convince people that Jade Cocoon 2 "Is quite good actually" and they should play it.

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