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Retro Encounter 209 – Grandia Part I

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Grandia, the Saturn classic later ported to PlayStation, saw new life in 2019 with ports available for Switch and PC. Two Retro Encounter panelists check and see if the Game Arts opus holds up, examining its intriguing battle system, maddening dungeons, and relentless optimism.

(Thankfully, our podcasters provide much stronger voice work than the English cast of this fan-favorite RPG)

Featuring: Zach Wilkerson, Hilary Andreff

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Zach Wilkerson

Zach Wilkerson

After avidly following RPGFan for years, Zach joined as a Reviews Editor in 2018, and somehow finds himself helping manage the Features department now. When he's not educating the youth of America, he can often be heard loudly clamoring for Lunar 3 and Suikoden VI.

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