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WORLD OF HORROR Enters Steam Early Access February 20th

Tales of dread are coming to Steam’s Early Access section in late February in the form of WORLD OF HORROR, an unsettling retro RPG. The story follows the residents of a quaint Japanese seaside town as they face malevolent legends of folklore like Aka Manto and Kuchisake-onna. Inspired by the works of Junji and H.P. Lovecraft, WORLD OF HORROR has twisted storylines in a cosmic horror setting.

Check out the frightening trailer for the game here:

Players will investigate the appearance of eldritch monsters and solve puzzles while collecting the components to create arcane spells. Each of the five playable characters available in Early Access has their own perspective on one of the ten mysterious troubles plaguing their hometown. Players will use turn-based combat to fight off an array of monsters, all illustrated in a unique 1-bit graphic style and made in Microsoft Paint.

WORLD OF HORROR will be available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC on February 20th. The full game will arrive for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and macOS in late 2020.

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Kim Key

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