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Retro Encounter 223 – Suikoden V Part II

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Our three Stars of Destiny return for Part 2 of our Suikoden V game journal episode! Come listen to our panellists dissect every inch of this Playstation 2 gem and maybe the rest of the Suikoden series while they are at it.

Warning: this episode contains betrayal, romance, pirates and copious amounts of gushing about Lucretia Merces.

Featuring: Leona McCallum, Tris Mendoza, Zach Wilkerson

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Leona McCallum

Leona McCallum

Leona first joined RPGFan as a Reviewer in 2011 before transitioning...into a Community Moderator overseeing the site's Forums and Discord Server. As a regular voice on Retro Encounter she can often be heard trying to convince people that Jade Cocoon 2 "Is quite good actually" and they should play it.

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